Professional development for transport managers

The role of a transport manager can be time consuming and the amount of industry updates and changes can be overwhelming without the management of other things.

The traffic commissioner recently released a guide and information about TM’s, saying they should possess high-quality, professional knowledge to do their jobs effectively.

We have been delivering transport manager 2 day refresher courses to cover everything that has been mentioned by the traffic commissioners office, and to keep all TM’s up to date.  This should be done every 5 years too as a minimum due to skill fade and to keep up to date with changes.

Being a transport manager carries a lot of responsibility.

The role isn’t a formality; it’s a serious requirement.

A TM can’t just put their name down on a licence – they must actively perform their statutory duty.

And it’s important for every transport manager to keep their professional knowledge up to date – i.e. through CPD.

What is continuous professional development (CPD)?

CPD describes learning activities which professionals proactively undertake to develop and enhance their abilities. Some professions specify those activities but TMs are trusted to identify any areas where they need refresher training.

What forms can CPD take?

CPD includes training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning/webinars, best practice techniques and sharing ideas.

What type of CPD should I start with?

A two day transport manager CPC refresher course is a good starting point. This should be run by a trade association, a professional body or an approved exam centre offering the relevant transport manager CPC qualification.

How often should I undertake CPD?

There is no set frequency. For TMs, traffic commissioners would expect CPD to have been undertaken every five years as a minimum. A lot can change in this time. Since 2013, for example, DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness has been updated a number of times, penalties for mobile phone use have doubled and the use of AdBlue emulators has emerged.

When might a traffic commissioner expect evidence of CPD to be provided?

CPD evidence will always be required when a transport manager:

  • hasn’t acted for an operator in the last five years
  • holds a qualification which is more than 10 years old
  • has been called to public inquiry where their ability to exercise continuous and effective management is under consideration

If you would like any further information on Transport Manager CPC or Transport Manager Refresher courses, please email or message us through the contact page of the website.

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