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Are you an operator that has been called to Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner?  Have you bee to Public Inquiry and have some actions to fulfil as well as wanting to stay compliant moving forwards and need some guidance?

We are road transport specialist consultants, in both HGV and PCV, that can help you with any aspect of your operator licence and Public Inquiry.  We cover all 8 of the UK Traffic Areas which are London & the South East, West, East, West Midlands, Wales, North West, North East and Scotland.

We assist operators when applying for new operator’s licence, making changes to their existing licence, and operators facing regulatory action. If you have been called to public inquiry it is important that you seek specialist advice and you may need some representation from an expert in the field.

Expert Road Transport Consultants for Operator Licence and Public Inquiry Support in the UK

Welcome to Total Compliance, your trusted road transport specialist consultants providing comprehensive support for HGV and PCV operators throughout the UK. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can assist you with various aspects of your operator licence and Public Inquiry needs.

Whether you require guidance for a new licence application, changes to an existing licence, or assistance in the face of regulatory action, we have you covered.

Introducing Jonathan Scott: Your Legal Expert in Transport Hearings

At Total Compliance, we pride ourselves on having a legally trained professional in-house to handle your specific needs.

Jonathan Scott is our esteemed expert with a wealth of experience in transport hearings.

With qualifications such as HGV Class 1 driver, Transport Manager for both HGV and PSV operations, Health and Safety NEBOSH certification, qualified driver CPC & ALLMI trainer, and a Law Degree, Jonathan understands every aspect of the transport world. Rest assured that you're in capable hands when working with us.

Nationwide Coverage: Assisting Operators Across the UK

We cater to operators from all areas of the UK, ensuring our services are accessible to everyone. Our coverage extends to all eight UK Traffic Areas, including London & the South East, West, East, West Midlands, Wales, North West, North East, and Scotland. No matter where you're located, we are here to provide dedicated support tailored to your specific region's regulations and requirements.

Navigating Public Inquiries with Expert Guidance

If you find yourself called to a Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner, it is crucial to seek specialist advice and representation. Our team can guide you through this process, ensuring you have the best possible support. During a Public Inquiry, the Traffic Commissioner holds the power to make various decisions that can impact your operator licence, including refusal of variations, limitations on vehicle numbers, suspension, addition of conditions, or even revocation of the licence. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist you effectively during this critical time.

Maintaining Compliance Post-Public Inquiry

Following a Public Inquiry, it becomes crucial to maintain compliance throughout your operation as you will likely face closer monitoring. Total Compliance offers a range of services to support your ongoing compliance efforts. Whether you require a small health check or a comprehensive audit, we can provide the necessary assistance. Additionally, we offer over-the-phone advice to ensure you have peace of mind and stay on the right track.

Understanding Public Inquiries, Preliminary Hearings, and Driver Conduct Hearings

A Public Inquiry is a formal tribunal hearing presided over by a traffic commissioner. These inquiries can be held for licence applications, reviews of operating centres (for goods operator licences), or regulatory reasons where the future of transport operations is considered. Preliminary Hearings, on the other hand, are not public inquiries but serve as case management hearings recorded in the same manner. Driver Conduct Hearings are formal tribunal hearings for drivers facing more serious offences, conducted before a traffic commissioner.

Our Objectives: Supporting You Every Step of the Way

Our main objectives are to provide you with the best advice and outcomes, prepare you in advance of any hearing, assist with necessary steps requested by the Traffic Commissioner, offer additional support as needed, and provide professional representation during the hearing.

Convenient Consultations and Preparation

Our consultants can visit your premises and/or operating centre to conduct consultations and preparations. We can also work remotely, depending on your time frames and circumstances. Rest assured, we maintain meticulous records of all information on our CRM/ERP system, which can serve as evidence of compliance checks if required later.

Choose Total Compliance for Trusted Expertise

At Total Compliance, we hold ISO 9001 certification and are registered with the DVSA to provide training through our JAUPT Centre, as well as being FORS approved training providers.

Our trainers' competencies are continuously monitored to ensure the highest standards. Our consultants are qualified CPC Transport Managers with extensive experience in the HGV and PSV/PCV sectors.

For comprehensive support with your operator licence and Public Inquiry needs, contact Total Compliance today. Our team is ready to assist you and provide the expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of the road transport industry.

The Public Inquiry with Confidence Package

1: Initial consultation for Professional Representation

2: Consultancy compliance preparation visit

3: Traffic Commissioner Audit

4: Documentation preparation and production of the Hearing Bundle

5: Manager training through the CILT, for up to 3 people

6: Booking of driver training course (for up to 20 drivers) within 6 months as supporting evidence

7: Professional Representation by our team at the Public Inquiry

8: 6 Month Audit post Public Inquiry to ensure ongoing compliance and submit to the Traffic Commissioner

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