Public Inquiry - Traffic Commissioner

Are you an operator that has been called to Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner?  Have you bee to Public Inquiry and have some actions to fulfil as well as wanting to stay compliant moving forwards and need some guidance?

We are road transport specialist consultants, in both HGV and PCV, that can help you with any aspect of your operator licence and Public Inquiry.  We cover all 8 of the UK Traffic Areas which are London & the South East, West, East, West Midlands, Wales, North West, North East and Scotland.

We assist operators when applying for new operator’s licence, making changes to their existing licence, and operators facing regulatory action. If you have been called to public inquiry it is important that you seek specialist advice and you may need some representation from an expert in the field.

At Public Inquiry the Traffic Commissioner has the power to:

  • refuse a variation to your operator licence
  • curtail it so you are limited in the number of vehicles you can run
  • suspend it for a period of time
  • add limitations or conditions on your licence
  • remove the licence from you all together by revoking it

Following Public Inquiry it is likely that you will be monitored more closely and so need to remain compliant throughout your operation.  If you would like anything from a small health check to a full audit, we can assist.  We also offer over the phone ongoing advice to give you peace of mind.

If you would like to talk to discuss any aspect above in relation to your business, please call Jonathan Scott on 0345 9001312, or click the button below.


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