Our Transport Manager CPC Training for HGV & PSV

A Transport Manager CPC (certificate of professional competence) is a requirement for anyone seeking a career in transport management. It is also the minimum qualification required to hold an operator's licence in UK.

CPC courses for transport managers are tailored specifically to either passenger transport or road haulage. At Total Compliance we offer both HGV and PSV Transport Manager CPC courses.

What Does the Course Cover?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Civil Law - Including business law, contracts of carriage and insurance
  • Commercial Law - Including business structures and types of shares
  • Social Law - Including health & safety rules, drivers’ hours, and licensing
  • Fiscal Law - Including taxation and levies
  • Business & Financial Management of the Undertaking - Including financial management, commercial conduct, marketing, and vehicle costings
  • Access to the Market - Including operator licensing, permits and international documentation
  • Technical Standards & Technical Aspects of Operation - Including maintenance, load sizes and inspections
  • Road Safety - Including licensing, traffic laws, procedures, and security of goods

What happens on exam day? 

The exams will consist of two parts, both of which must be passed to gain the Transport Manager CPC qualification.

  • A multiple-choice examination module which lasts for 2 hours.
  • An examination based on case studies which lasts for 2 hours 15 minutes.

Either exam can be re-sat at a later date if required, for an additional exam fee.


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4 Different Ways to Get Your Qualification

This CPC training can be a quite an intense course, so we offer 4 different options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits you.

Face to Face Classroom Transport Manager CPC Course

The is a 2x week course, taught at our training facility in Grantham. The course includes the following:

  • Week 1 - Full trainee notes and 5 classroom days with the trainer
  • Week 2 - 3 classroom days with the trainer, exam day*
  • Each day the arrival time is 8.30am and we start at 9am. Refreshments are provided throughout the day, and a light lunch.

The cost of this option is £1450 (inc VAT)

*An additional revision day can be added for £120 (inc VAT)

Blended Learning CPC Transport Manager Course

The course includes the following:

  • Training notes and practice questions for self-study
  • Remote support by email or phone
  • Exam fees and booking on your behalf
  • 4 x 1 hour calls with a tutor

By making the course covered in bite size chunks with lots of interaction and online training sessions, we can make learning flexible, as well as ensuring that learning is taking place and build up the learner’s knowledge step by step so that it works.

The online training sessions are booked in 1-hour sessions with a trainer speaking live with the learner so the session is fully interactive, or we can also offer group sessions in the same way.

The cost of this option is £990 (Inc VAT)

Self-Study Transport Manager CPC with Exams

The course includes the following:

  • Training notes and practice questions
  • This allows you to study in your own time at home
  • Exam fees and booking on your behalf

The cost of this option is £474 (Inc VAT)

Self-Study Transport Manager CPC

The course includes the following:

  • Training notes and practice questions
  • This allows you to study in your own time at home

The cost of this option is £174 (Inc VAT)

Why Choose Us?

The Total Compliance team are passionate about transport. With extensive knowledge and experience of the transport and logistics industries, we have got you covered for all your transport compliance and accreditation needs.

Based in Lincolnshire, but operating across the UK, Total Compliance offers a wide range of services, to keep your business compliant and staff trained. Our courses always get fantastic feedback as we like to do things differently with our unique and friendly style of teaching.

To find out more about our courses, please click on the button below, or telephone Michelle on 0345 9001312.

If you aren't yet qualified and you need help running your transport operations, you may be interested in our external transport manager service.

I'm looking to complete a passenger transport managers CPC home study course. Can you help?

Yes! We offer the passenger transport manager CPC course as a self-study option and as a blended learning course.

What are the transport manager CPC requirements?

The transport manager CPC qualification is an open access course, meaning no prior knowledge, skills, understanding, or qualifications are required to complete it.

Do you need a CPC to be a transport manager?

Yes. You must be CPC qualified to be a transport manager in the UK.

How long does a transport managers CPC last?

Once you have achieved your initial CPC certification, it is valid for life. However, you will be required to undertake a 2-day refresher course every 5 years, to ensure that you keep up to date with industry changes.

I'm looking for transport manager CPC near me. Which areas do you cover?

Our courses are taught remotely, so they can be undertaken anywhere in the country.

How difficult is transport manager CPC?

This CPC training can be a quite an intense course, so you must be willing to put in the effort and be prepared for the exam. The transport manager CPC pass rate required for the multiple-choice exam, is typically around 70%.

I'm looking to complete a transport managers CPC online course. Can you help?

Yes! If you are looking to complete the qualification via a distance learning course, we offer the course as a blended learning option, with online interactive training calls and remote support by email or phone.

Can I take my transport managers CPC online exam at home?

No. Although the exams can be taken online, they must be completed under strict examination conditions, so they must be sat at an approved centre, either online or as a written paper.

How much does the CPC transport manager course cost?

We offer 3 different options, so the transport manager CPC price varies depending on which one you choose:

  • Blended Learning Option - £825+VAT
  • Self-Study Option - £145+VAT
  • Self-Study Option with Exams - £395+VAT
What are transport manager CPC grandfather rights?

Grandfather rights certificates (GFR) were issued by the Department for Transport, to transport managers with experience of running goods and passenger operations in the 1970s and were used as proof of professional competence up until 2013.

GFR certificates were replaced in December 2011 by new Acquired Rights certificates. Holders of a GFR certificate, who did not apply for an Acquired Rights certificate before November 2013 and have not since achieved a transport manager CPC qualification, will no longer be allowed to work as a transport manager until they have passed a transport manager CPC exam.