There are a range of Trade Assurance Schemes covering areas of the Agri-supply industry in which you can become involved.  They fall into the following three categories:

Food / Feed Safety

  • Universal Feed Assurance Scheme deals with the production and delivery of compounds feeds and the supply of feeds to the farm.
  • Feed Materials Assurance Scheme covers the sourcing and production of feed ingredients, either by certifying complete supply chains or by the “gatekeeper” Intermediate Supplier Standard.
  • Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops deals with what happens to grains and pulses when they leave the farm to the end user.

Fertiliser Security and Traceability

  • Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme has been developed to help the industry manage the safety, security and traceability of all fertilisers.

Safe application of plant protection products to seeds

  • European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme is for the seed treatment industry to preserve essential plant protection products, protect international trade and ensure ongoing investment within the sector.


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