FORS Approved VR Training

Immersive 360-Degree Virtual Reality Training Revolutionises Driver Behaviour and Elevates Road Safety

Our FORS Approved Immersive 360-Degree Virtual Reality Training Revolutionises Driver Behaviour and Elevates Road Safety

This innovative approach harnesses cutting-edge technology to immerse drivers in lifelike driving scenarios, enabling them to experience the repercussions of their actions within a controlled environment. The immersive VR training provides drivers with a profound understanding of road safety intricacies. Beyond skill enhancement, this 7-hour course serves a dual purpose, enhancing drivers' abilities while contributing to their professional qualifications.

Recognised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to meet the 7-hour periodic training requirement of the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

This programme is poised to redefine driver education standards. The immersive nature of the training exposes drivers to a range of scenarios, mirroring real-world challenges like adverse weather conditions, congested urban streets, and highway driving. Drivers can witness the direct consequences of their actions, leading to a heightened appreciation of potential risks and the significance of adopting safe driving practices.

How Does Our FORS Approved Immersive Virtual Reality Training Work?

This is how the Programme Operates:

  • Headphones and head mounted display (HMD) are given to each participant.
  • The participant’s field of view id filled with 360-degree video of realistic driving scenario projected by the HMD.
  • The participants can hear sound effects and narration through the headphones.
  • By moving their body and head, the individual can engage with their surroundings.

The Service Contains Several Actual Driving Situations, Including:

  • Being stuck in traffic
  • Transferring to a highway
  • Backing into a small space
  • Dealing with adverse weather conditions
  • Avoiding barriers

Enhancing Driver Training Standards with DVSA-Approved Immersive Programme

The programme incorporates interactive elements that encourage participants to self-reflect on their mistakes and enhance their driving skills. If a participant makes an error, the programme will pause and provide constructive feedback to help prevent a recurrence.

What is the Purpose of Our FORS Approved Immersive Virtual Reality Training?

Our FORS Approved Immersive Virtual Reality Training serves a multifaceted purpose. It prioritises driver safety through realistic training scenarios, meeting the 7-hour CPC training requirement as recognised by DVSA. This innovative approach enables drivers to experience diverse real-world situations, fostering responsibility and safe practices, to enhance road safety, prevent accidents, save lives, and ensure a brighter future for all road users.

It addresses a variety of subjects, such as:

• Driving under challenging circumstances

• Combining and switching lanes

• Preventing mishaps

• Controlling distracted driving, and more

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