Our Horsebox and Trailer Compliance Services

Do you understand regulations relating to horseboxes and trailers?

Do you have a full understanding of all of the following areas?

  • Operator licensing
  • Drivers’ hours and tachographs
  • Roadworthiness and annual testing
  • Vehicle weights
  • Certificates of competence
  • Other requirements
  • Enforcement

An operator’s licence is required by anyone who uses a vehicle of more than 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (the maximum combined weight of vehicle and load) for carrying any kind of goods or livestock in connection with a business. The scheme is designed to ensure that operators of such vehicles maintain them to a specified minimum standard, operate with the constraints laid down by the relevant transport legislation, and abide by environmental rules. An operator’s licence is not connected in any way to a certificate of competence for travelling livestock and horses, and exists for entirely different reasons.

Users of rigid horseboxes or vehicles towing horsebox trailers with a gross plated weight (GPW) of greater than 3.5 tonnes or (where there is no plated weight) if the weight of the vehicle without a load is greater than 1.525 tonnes, need a goods vehicle operator’s licence to transport their horses (or anything associated with their horses such as water, hay, tack, etc) for hire or reward.

Total Compliance can help with compliance of all of the above and can provide over the phone or in person assistance and guidance, transport management services and audits.

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