Garage & Maintenance Provider Audits

Garage & Maintenance Provider Audits

Garage & Maintenance Provider Audits

Garage/Maintenance Provider Audits from Total Compliance

Total Compliance Offers Garage/Maintenance Provider Audits To Evaluate Your Garage Maintenance Provider's Operations and Equipment To Ensure Compliance and Safety

Is your vehicle fleet suffering from reliability issues and costly breakdowns? Or are you concerned about the roadworthiness of your vehicles affecting your Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) and MOT pass rate? Regardless of your reason for considering a Garage/Maintenance Provider Audits, Total Compliance can help.

Garage/Maintenance Provider Audits are a useful tool to ensure that your fleet is being serviced and maintained by high-quality and safe service providers. These audits also help fleet operators identify any shortcomings in safety protocols, training, or equipment maintenance of the maintenance provider.

By identifying areas of weakness, you can work with the provider to make necessary improvements and ensure that your vehicles are being serviced by a reliable and trustworthy provider.

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Who is a Garage/Maintenance Provider Audit for?

A Garage/Maintenance Provider Audit is typically for businesses or individuals who operate a garage or maintenance facility and want to ensure that their operations are compliant with industry standards, regulations, and best practices. It may also be for clients or customers who want to verify the quality and safety of the services provided by the garage or maintenance provider.

This includes various types of entities such as:

  • Independent Garages: These are privately owned garages that provide general maintenance and repair services for vehicles. They may specialise in specific types of vehicles or offer a range of services for different vehicle makes and models.
  • Dealerships: Automotive dealerships that sell new or used vehicles often have service departments or garages where they offer maintenance and repair services for the vehicles they sell. Audits can be conducted to ensure the quality and reliability of these services.
  • Fleet Maintenance Providers: Companies that manage and maintain a fleet of vehicles, such as those used for transportation, logistics, or delivery services, may undergo audits to ensure that their maintenance processes and facilities meet industry standards.
  • Vehicle Rental Companies: Businesses that provide rental vehicles may also be subject to audits to ensure that their vehicles are well-maintained and safe for customers to use.
  • Government Agencies: Government organizations that maintain their own fleet of vehicles, such as police departments, fire departments, or public transportation authorities, may undergo audits to ensure that their maintenance practices meet regulatory requirements.
  • Automotive Service Chains: Large chains or franchises that operate multiple garages or maintenance centres may undergo audits to maintain consistency in service quality across their locations.

What is Included in The Garage/Maintenance Provider Audit?

Our Garage/Maintenance Provider Audit includes a review of the individual tasked with maintenance, their competence, training, and attitude, as well as the safety inspection process and documentation. It's critical that those tasked with maintenance understand the legal minimum standards for component assessment and condition, and the difference between that and what's acceptable at a safety inspection.

We also assess their knowledge of the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness and HGV-PSV inspection manuals, and their ability to answer basic questions related to vehicle maintenance. Our audit is a comprehensive assessment of knowledge, procedures, and practical skills, providing clients with the support, training, and guidance they need to ensure their vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.

What to expect during the Garage/Maintenance Provider Audit

To avoid any risks associated with using sub-standard maintenance providers, it's worth considering an independent audit. We provide comprehensive audits of an operator's maintenance providers, going beyond just paper reviews to donning overalls and getting down into the pit to assess competence and knowledge.

During a visit from one of our compliance experts you can expect the following checks and evaluations to be carried out:

  • Compliance: Auditors check that garages or maintenance providers follow industry regulations, legal requirements, and safety standards.
  • Quality Assurance: The quality of services provided is evaluated, including the inspection and repair processes, customer service, and overall service quality.
  • Facilities and Equipment: Auditors assess the condition and suitability of the provider's facilities, including the availability and maintenance of necessary equipment, tools, and resources.
  • Documentation and Recordkeeping: The audit examines the provider's documentation practices, including records of maintenance, repairs, warranties, and customer feedback.
  • Training and Qualifications: The competence and qualifications of the provider's personnel, such as technicians and mechanics, are reviewed to ensure they have the necessary training and certifications.
  • Safety Measures: Auditors check for the implementation of safety protocols and measures to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of both employees and customers.

The Importance of Garage/Maintenance Provider Audits

Although many operators are aware of the importance of maintaining their vehicles to the highest standard, it's not always possible when relying on external maintenance providers. These providers can have a significant impact on an operator's OCRS, MOT pass rate, and the issuing of prohibition notices, even though there are no regulatory actions that can be taken against sub-standard providers.

Garage/maintenance provider audits are important for identifying potential issues in the maintenance process, equipment, and staff training. These audits ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, minimise the risk of accidents and breakdowns, and maintain the safety and quality of vehicles on the road.