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Our Driver Assessment Services

When you employ a driver, you can check that they hold the required licence and whether that licence is clean, but do you really know how good a driver they are and if they are following best practices as they work?

Total Compliance are experts in transport training and compliance and we offer comprehensive, in-vehicle, driver assessments for HGV, LGV, PSV, PCV van and car drivers.

Operators choose to use our driver assessment service for a number of reasons, including:

  • As part of their recruitment process, to help gauge the suitability of a driver
  • After a customer or member of the public has raised a complaint about a driver’s actions
  • To check that drivers new to driving in the UK have a good working knowledge of the UK Highway Code and are confident and safe driving on the left-hand side
  • To check that newly qualified or inexperienced drivers are safe and confident
  • To check that drivers who qualified a long time ago but are out of practice, are safe, confident and are up to date with rules and best practices
  • As a routine, annual check to help maintain standards and to count towards an employee’s personal development plan
  • For insurance purposes

How Much Does It Cost?

Our driver assessment service has been given 5 star feedback every time, and we can offer this for a varying number of drivers per session, based on the number of seats in the vehicle. You will also receive a written report for each driver who is assessed during that time. CONTACT US TODAY

What Areas are Covered in a Driver Assessment?

Each assessment lasts for 2-3 hours and is carried out over a pre-determined route, that covers a variety of environments and conditions.

The main areas assessed are:

  • Highway Code – Does the driver have a good working knowledge of the Highway Code?
  • Attitude – Does the driver have a good attitude?
  • Vehicle Checks – Does the driver carry out the appropriate vehicle checks, and do they do it correctly?
  • Coupling & Uncoupling – Is the driver able to couple and uncouple safely and using best practice?
  • Gear Selection & Use – Is the driver’s gear selection & usage appropriate and efficient?
  • Hazard Perception – Does the driver have a good sense of hazard perception?
  • Adhering to Road Procedures – Does the driver adhere to road procedures correctly?
  • Mechanical Sympathy – Does the driver have an appropriate level of understanding, of how their vehicle works?
  • Fuel Efficiency – Is the driver’s driving style fuel efficient?
  • Defensive Driving – Does the driver have good defensive driving skills, and do they use them appropriately?
  • Safe Driving – Is the driver safe?
  • Speed Selection – Does the driver select appropriate and efficient speeds?

Why Choose Us?

The Total Compliance team are passionate about transport. With extensive knowledge and experience of the transport and logistics industries, we have got you covered for all your transport compliance and accreditation needs.

Based in Lincolnshire, London and Durham, but operating across the UK, Total Compliance offers a wide range of services, to keep your business compliant and staff trained.

Our courses always get fantastic feedback as we like to do things differently with our unique and friendly style of teaching.

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