Our Contract Lift Services

Total Compliance offers a full contract lifting service for all your intermediate and complex crane lifting needs.

We have qualified:

  • Appointed Persons
  • Crane Supervisors
  • Slinger Signallers

We can plan one off lifts and ongoing, medium to long term lifting projects, and we can deliver contract lifts.


The Difference Between Crane Hire and Contract Lift Hire

When it comes to crane services, understanding the difference between standard crane hire and contract lift hire is crucial. While standard crane hire allows you to rent a crane without an operator or appointed person, contract lift hire offers a comprehensive lifting solution. Let's delve into the details.

Contract Lift Hire: A Complete Lifting Solution

With contract lift hire, you not only rent a crane but also benefit from the expertise of a crane operator and fully-qualified appointed person. This means that the entire lifting process, including planning, execution, and safety, becomes the responsibility of the crane hire company.

The Role of an Appointed Person/Crane Operator

In a contract lift hire scenario, the appointed person and crane operator play vital roles. The appointed person ensures that the crane, whether it's a mobile or tower crane, is well-maintained, serviced, tested, and certified. They conduct site surveys, create comprehensive lift plans, and guide you on rigging the crane safely. Meanwhile, the crane operator ensures the safe execution of the lift, offering expert advice and conducting ground assessments.

Advantages of Contract Lift Hire

Opting for contract lift hire brings several advantages, including:

1. Risk and Responsibility: The crane hire company assumes the majority of risks and legal liabilities, providing you with peace of mind.

2. Expertise and Planning: A qualified appointed person plans the lift, selects the appropriate crane, and oversees the entire lifting operation.

Crane Hire: Your Responsibilities

If you choose standard crane hire, certain responsibilities fall on your shoulders. These include:

1. Lift Handling: You are responsible for handling the lift, selecting the suitable crane model, arranging signaling, and supervising the operation.

2. Appointed Person: It is crucial to provide an experienced and trained appointed person to ensure a safe and controlled lift.

Under the CPA Contract Lift Services, the crane, equipment, operator, and all CPCS-trained personnel, such as the appointed person and lift supervisor, are supplied and remain the responsibility of the crane owner. Our team is equipped to execute safe and controlled lifts.

Responsibilities of the Crane Owner

When you opt for crane hire, the crane owner takes care of the following:

- Supplying qualified and competent personnel, including the appointed person, slinger/signaller, crane supervisor, and crane operator.
- Planning the entire lift and implementing a safe system of work.
- Providing method statements, risk assessments, and suitable cranes that are well-maintained, certified, and tested.

Your Responsibilities as the Customer

As a customer utilising crane hire services, you must fulfil the following requirements:

- Ensuring safe access for the crane, support vehicles, and personnel, including traffic management.
- Providing comprehensive details of weights, dimensions, and adequate lifting points for each item being lifted.
- Conducting a site-specific safety induction, including emergency procedures and warnings, for all team members involved.
- Assessing the site in compliance with COSHH regulations and providing necessary precautions for hazardous substances or conditions.
- Arranging welfare facilities and a suitable hard level standing area capable of withstanding outrigger loads.

Additionally, level ground suitable for travel and coordination with other contractors on-site should not impede access to the crane location or interrupt work. If work is carried out close to or in darkness, suitable lighting should be provided in agreement with the crane supervisor.

Choose Expert Contract Lift Services

For reliable and professional lifting solutions, our contract lift services offer a comprehensive approach. Contact us today to discuss your specific lifting requirements and benefit from our expertise in planning and executing safe and efficient lifts.

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