Our O Licence Application & Management Services

At Total Compliance, our team of compliance experts can assist you with every step of your application and ensure that you stay compliant with ongoing management.

Before making your Operator Licence Application we would check the following to ensure you have selected the most appropriate choice:

  • Why are you looking to apply for an O licence?
  • How many vehicles and trailers do you (the operator) use?
  • What is the suitability of the storage of your vehicles and trailers?
  • Who is going to carry out regular maintenance and/or inspections and will this be done in house or by a third party maintenance provider?
  • What do you have for your ‘financial standing’ to show the Traffic Commissioner?
  • Are you knowledged or familiar with drivers’ hours and operator compliance?

What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Operator Licence?

  • Restricted Operator Licence - This type of vehicle operator licensing is for vehicle users who carry their own goods whilst in the UK or the European Union.
  • Standard National Licence - This allows operators to transport goods that they own, across the EU and to charge for transporting goods not owned by them within the UK on a hire and reward basis. This is usually the type of required by UK haulage and logistics operators.
  • Standard International Licence - This type of HGV operators licence is used by hauliers that require EU Community Authorisation to transport goods for hire and reward throughout Europe
  • European & Offshore Licences - Whilst UK hauliers can hold a standard international licence for international journeys, sometimes it can be more appropriate to obtain an international licence from another EU country. We can also help facilitate this for you if required.

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How Much Does an Operators Licence Cost?

  • Restricted Operator - Online consultation and application £199+VAT
  • Standard National - Online consultation and application £250+VAT
  • Standard International - Online consultation and application £299+VAT
  • European & Offshore - Contact us for a quote

All the above are also subject to the standard application fees due:

  • DVSA Application Fee (DVSA to accept & process your application) £257
  • DVSA Interim Fee (Interim Applications to Trade only) £68
  • Public Notice Fee (Advertising your application - all prices vary depending on publication) £200-£400
  • DVSA Licence Issue Fee (approval of your licence) once accepted £401

If you would like any further information or to proceed with an application please contact us.

I'm looking for someone to manage my operators licence. Can you help?

Yes! Not only can we help you apply for your DVSA operators licence, but we can also assist you with the ongoing management, ensuring that your stay compliant.

Do I need an operators licence?

If you are unsure whether you need one, get in contact and we can advise you on operator licence requirements and which one would be the most appropriate for you.

How do I get an operators licence?

An application must be submitted to the Traffic Commissioner with details of your operation and proof of your professional competence and suitability to operate road haulage vehicles. We know the application process can be daunting and confusing, so that's where we come in.

I'm looking for a company to manage my operators licence self service for me. Can you help?

Yes! Not only can we help you apply for your operators licence, but we can also assist you with the ongoing management associated with holding a goods vehicle operators licence, such as adding and removing vehicles and transport managers.

Are there any operator licence exemptions?

Yes. You do not need a goods vehicle operator’s licence if the following applies:

  • The vehicle was first used before 1977, has an unladen weight of 1,525 kilograms or less and a maximum gross plated weight over 3,500 kilograms
  • The vehicle uses public roads for less than 6 miles a week whilst moving between private premises belonging to the same person as the vehicle (if the vehicle’s used for excavation or demolition it does not matter who it belongs to)
  • The vehicle is being used on trade plates
  • The vehicle is a passenger carrying vehicle
  • It is a military vehicle
  • It is a snow plough or gritter
  • It is an emergency service vehicle (including those used by gas, electricity, water and telephone companies)
  • It is a hearse
  • It is a recovery vehicle (if used exclusively for that purpose)
  • It is a tractor or agricultural vehicles used in certain circumstances

More info can be found here: Find out more about the vehicle operator licensing system

I'm looking for a consultant to help me with a failed operators licence application and decision. Can you help?

Yes! If you have previously applied and had your application form rejected, we can ensure that you are fully compliant and assist you to reapply successfully.

Which areas do you cover?

We have consultants across the UK and can assist you nationwide.

We're looking for an external transport manager as well. Can you help?

Yes! Many operators don't have the need for a full time transport manager and we offer an external transport manager service to these operators.