Our O Licence Application & Management Services

An operator licence in the UK is a legal requirement for anyone carrying goods or passengers for hire or reward. It sets out the conditions under which the operator must comply when running their business. It is designed to ensure that operators comply with safety, environmental, and other road transport legislation.

Before making your Operator Licence Application we would check the following to ensure you have selected the most appropriate choice:

  • Why are you looking to apply for an O licence?
  • How many vehicles and trailers do you (the operator) use?
  • What is the suitability of the storage of your vehicles and trailers?
  • Who is going to carry out regular maintenance and/or inspections and will this be done in house or by a third-party maintenance provider?
  • What evidence do you have to demonstrate that you meet the required ‚Äėfinancial standing‚Äô for the Traffic Commissioner?
  • Do you have the knowledge to compliantly run your licence or are you suitably familiar with drivers‚Äô hours and operator licence compliance?

What Are the Different Types of Vehicle Operator Licence?

  • HGV Restricted Operator Licence - This type of vehicle operator licensing is for vehicle users who carry their own goods whilst in the UK or the European Union.
  • PSV Restricted Operator Licence - This type of vehicle operator licensing is for small scale operations, where passenger transport is not your main business and allows you to operate up to two small vehicles.
  • PSV Special Restricted Operator Licence - This type of vehicle operator license is used to operate a licensed taxi on a local, registered service.
  • PSV/HGV Standard National Licence - This allows operators to transport goods that they own, across the EU and to charge for transporting goods not owned by them within the UK on a hire or reward basis. This is usually the type of required by haulage and logistics operators or passenger transport businesses to operate within the UK only.
  • PSV/HGV Standard International Licence - This type of HGV operator‚Äôs licence is used by hauliers that require EU Community Authorisation to transport passengers or goods for hire and reward throughout Europe
  • European & Offshore Licences - Whilst UK hauliers can hold a standard international licence for international journeys, sometimes it can be more appropriate to obtain an international licence from another EU country. We can also help facilitate this for you if required.

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What are the Prices for Operator Licence Applications or Major Changes?

  • Restricted Operator - Online consultation and application ¬£275 plus vat
  • Standard National - Online consultation and application ¬£325 plus vat
  • Standard International - Online consultation and application ¬£375 plus vat
  • European & Offshore - Contact us for a quote
  • Full Application Process including all fees and visit - ¬£1995 plus vat

What Other Costs Need to Be Considered When Applying for An Operator Licence?

All other fees that are chargeable and payable to the Government as of March 2023:

  • HGV Operator Licence Application Fee / Major Change to a Licence Fee ¬£257
  • HGV Issue the Licence Fee / 5 Year Continuation of a Licence Fee ¬£401
  • HGV Interim Licence Fee (if applicable) ¬£68
  • Newspaper Advert approx. ¬£450-¬£750 plus vat
  • PSV Standard or Restricted Operator Licence Application Fee ¬£209
  • Application for a Special Restricted (taxi) Licence Fee ¬£61
  • Continuation fee for a Special Restricted (taxi) Licence ‚Äď 5 Yearly ¬£61
  • PSV Major Change to a Licence Fee ¬£122
  • Evidence of Financial Standing Required for HGV / PSV Applications and On-going:
  • HGV / PSV Standard Licences ‚Äď First Vehicle is ¬£8000 and ¬£4500 for each additional vehicle
  • HGV / PSV Restricted Licences - First Vehicle is ¬£3100 and ¬£1700 for each additional vehicle

External Transport Managers are charged separately for their service.

If you would like any further information or to proceed with an application please contact us.

What Else Do You Need to Consider When Getting an Operator Licence?

Once you have your operator licence there are lots of aspects that you need to comply with, and we can support you with any of them. Some of them are listed below.

  • Monthly compliance and internal audit
  • Compliance of drivers‚Äô hours, working time directive & domestic drivers‚Äô hours
  • Maintenance checks ‚Äď planning, paperwork
  • Pre-use vehicle checks, rectification and recording
  • Driver management including licence checks
  • Incident reporting and recording
  • Vehicle insurance, tax, VOR and SORN procedure
  • VOL System and OCRS Report
  • Gate checks
  • Tyre management
  • Operator licence updates and advice
What Happens if You Are Not Compliant?

If you are not compliant with your vehicle operator licence in the UK, you may be subject to enforcement action by the Traffic Commissioners or the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). This could include fines, licence suspensions, or even disqualification from operating a vehicle. In some cases, you may be subject to criminal prosecution and a custodial sentence.

Traffic Commissioners are responsible for licensing and regulating operators of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), public service vehicles (PSVs) and local bus services. If any area of this is found to be non-compliant this can result in a number of actions including being called to public inquiry, preliminary hearing or driver conduct hearing for vocational drivers. From this, operator licences can be curtailed, suspended or revoked, and drivers can be disqualified or have their professional entitlement suspended or removed.

We can offer support for all types of Operator Licences, from tachograph analysis, paperwork compliance to training.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Application Process?

It can take up to 12 weeks to complete the whole process from start to finish, although we can apply for an interim licence which may allow your licence to be granted sooner. We would discuss this with you to see if this would be a worthwhile option based on your circumstances.

How Do We Support You Through the Application Process?

We have a team of consultants and one person will be assigned to complete the process with you. All the consultants are very experienced with operator licencing, and are all qualified transport managers and auditors.

We Assist With The Following:
  • Fixed price and support from start to finish
  • Advice on the licence type that your business requires
  • Full assistance with the Operator Licence application
  • Assistance and guidance on obtaining an interim licence
  • Public notice assistance
  • Advice on financial standing and what is required on-going
  • Preparation of a maintenance agreement or assistance with your provider
  • Assistance with the operating centre consent letter with your provider
  • Advice with the TM1 form for your transport manager, if required
  • Checking all relevant documentation to ensure the application goes through first time
  • Regular updates with the DVSA‚Äôs throughout the application process
Why Total Compliance?

Total Compliance is ISO 9001 Certified and we are registered with the DVSA to provide training, with all our trainer competencies checked on an on-going basis. Our consultants are qualified CPC Transport Managers, with a wealth of experience in transport both in the HGV and PSV / PCV sectors.

Total Compliance can also provide:
  • DVSA Earned Recognition Consultancy and Audit Services
  • Operator Licence Compliance Support On-going
  • Tachograph Analysis, Driver Licence Checks and Electronic Walkaround Checking
  • Driver CPC Training, including First Aid