Restricted Operator Licence Compliance

What is Restricted Operator Licence Compliance?

Restricted operator licences do not require a qualified CPC Transport Manager like Standard National and Standard International Licences. They do however, still need to understand the significance of holding this licence, and the compliance requirements are the same with limited exceptions.

When signing the operator licence application, you are agreeing to comply with the operator licence undertakings, and will be held accountable in the same way as any licence holder. By signing the application, an operator is agreeing to all the obligations, and if they are not met, the Traffic Commissioner can suspend or revoke a licence.

We offer ‘restricted operator licence compliance services’ through one of our qualified CPC Transport Managers so they can assist you in keeping compliant on an on-going basis, and can be named on your operator licence to show the Traffic Commissioner that you employ the services of a transport consultant for compliance.

What happens if you are not compliant?

Traffic Commissioners are responsible for licensing and regulating operators of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), public service vehicles (PSVs) and local bus services. If any area of this is found to be non-compliant this can result in a number of actions including being called to public inquiry, preliminary hearing or driver conduct hearing for vocational drivers. From this, operator licences can be curtailed, suspended or revoked, and drivers can be disqualified or have their professional entitlement suspended or removed.


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What do our restricted Operator Licence Services include?

  • Monthly compliance visits and internal audit
  • Compliance of drivers’ hours, working time directive & domestic drivers’ hours
  • Maintenance checks – planning, paperwork
  • Pre-use vehicle checks, rectification and recording
  • Driver management including licence checks
  • Incident reporting and recording
  • Vehicle insurance, tax, VOR and SORN procedure
  • VOL System and OCRS Report
  • Gate checks
  • Tyre management
  • Operator licence updates and advice

What are the objectives?

  • To keep your operation compliant
  • To be an advisory contact for compliance, DVSA stops and operator licensing
  • Improve the drivers’ knowledge and understanding if required
  • Provide additional support
  • Record all information to ensure an audit trail is kept for future reference

Where do the visits take place?

Our consultants visit your premises and/or operating centre. They also record all information on our CRM/ERP system which can be evidenced to the authorities as confirmation of regular compliance checks.

How long are the visits?

Each visit depends on the size of the business and how many vehicles and drivers there are.

What will the Consultants need on the visit?

  • Access to the paperwork either in hard copy or electronic format
  • A suitable workstation to record the details of the visit


When you book with Total Compliance, we also provide FREE monthly driver toolbox talks for additional knowledge and awareness for drivers.

We also provide health and safety services for a year at a 50% discounted add on service which provides you with the necessary risk assessments, health and safety policy statement and drivers handbook.

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Why Choose Total Compliance? 

Total Compliance is ISO 9001 Certified and we are registered with the DVSA to provide training, with all our trainer competencies checked on an on-going basis. Our consultants are qualified CPC Transport Managers, with a wealth of experience in transport both in the HGV and PSV / PCV sectors.

Total Compliance can also provide

  • FORS Consultancy and Training (Safe Urban Driver, Lo-CITY & VR)
  • General driver CPC, including First Aid
  • DVSA Earned Recognition Consultancy and Audit Services

Prices for Restricted Operator Licence Compliance Services

Motor Vehicles 2 or less – 2 hours per month - £220 plus VAT
Motor Vehicles 3-5 – half day visit - £395 per month plus VAT
Motor Vehicles 6 to 10 – full day visit - £595 per month plus VAT
Motor Vehicles 11 to 14 – 1 full day per month - £595 per month plus VAT, and an extra half day visit if required £395 plus VAT
Motor Vehicles 15 to 29 – 2 full day visits per month - £595 per day plus VAT