Our STGO Awareness Training

STGO Awareness Training is essential for drivers and operators transporting abnormal loads. This comprehensive training covers legislation, rules, and regulations pertaining to abnormal load carriage, addressing potential challenges faced by drivers and operators.

Ensuring competency among drivers and operatives is the operator's responsibility. Completing this course enhances the knowledge of new drivers and refreshes the expertise of experienced ones. Gain the necessary expertise with our STGO Awareness Training.

Enhance competency in transporting abnormal, indivisible loads by attending the STGO Awareness Training course. Gain valuable insights into rules and regulations governing load transportation.

Key vehicles commonly used under STGO include:

1. Abnormal indivisible loads (AIL): Loads that cannot be divided for road transport.
2. Mobile cranes: Specially designed or modified for lifting operations.
3. Engineering plant: Movable equipment or vehicles tailored for engineering tasks.
4. Road recovery vehicles: Specifically constructed for recovering disabled vehicles.

According to Construction & Use Regulations, trailers built for and regularly used to transport long abnormal loads can exceed the normal legal maximum length (not width).

There is no set limit to the number of exceptionally long items that can be carried. Additionally, depending on load size and certain conditions, Construction & Use Regulations permit overhanging of loads beyond the front, rear, and sides of vehicles.

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Course Syllabus 

  • Admin - Identity & Licence Checks and completion of registration form
  • Welcome - Introduction, fair processing notice, health & safety briefing, housekeeping, course timetable, ground rules, objectives of the course, discussion around drivers’ needs and expectations of the course
  • Part 1 - Dimension and weights of vehicles regulated by C&U Regs
  • Part 2 - Abnormal indivisible load vehicles Cat 1, 2 & 3, Special Order Movements, Vehicle Signage, Multiple Loads
  • Part 3 - Vehicle Excise Duty, Plating and Testing, Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Regulations, Drivers View to the Rear Mirrors
  • Part 4 - Review and assess the course content to this point. Check that learning is taking place and the presentation/course suits the driver’s expectations
  • Part 5 - Mobile Cranes & Categories, Notification, Vehicle Excise Duty, Plating and Testing, Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Rules for Mobile Crane Drivers, Driving Licence, Other Conditions
  • Part 6 - Engineering Plant & Categories, Vehicle Special Order Movements, Vehicle Excise Duty, Plating & Testing, Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Rules, Driving Licence
  • Part 7 - Special Vehicles, Overlength/width Vehicles, Special Order Movements, Signage, Extendable Trailers, Road Recovery Vehicles
  • Part 8 - Non-GB Vehicles, Attendants, Escorts, Documentation, Enforcement, Legislation
  • Part 9 - End of course review and discussion