Our STGO Awareness Training

STGO Awareness Training is for drivers and operators who carry abnormal loads and covers the legislation around the carriage of abnormal loads, the rules and regulations relating to all aspects of this as well as the potential difficulties drivers and operators face when carrying this type of cargo.

It is an operators responsibility to ensure that all their drivers and operatives are competent at their duties.  By completing this course it will enable new drivers to gain additional knowledge, and experienced drivers to have their knowledge refreshed.

Competent means that they are suitably trained and/or experienced for the role they are carrying out. Attending the STGO Awareness Training course will give you an understanding of the rules and regulations regarding the transporting of abnormal, indivisible loads.

Vehicles most likely to be used under STGO are:

  • abnormal indivisible load (AIL): loads which can’t be divided into 2 or more loads to be transported by road
  • mobile cranes: specially built - or adapted - for lifting operations
  • engineering plant: a moveable piece of plant or equipment which is a motor vehicle or trailer specially built for engineering operations
  • road recovery vehicles: vehicles that are specially built for recovering broken-down vehicles

Under Construction & Use Regulations, when trailers are built and normally used to carry abnormal loads of great length - they can be longer (but not wider) than the normal legal maximum.

There’s no limit to the number of items of exceptional length that can be carried. Depending on the size of load, if certain conditions are met, Construction & Use Regulations also allow loads to overhang the front, rear and sides of vehicles.

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