Our ALLMI Slinger Signaller Training
or Lorry Loader and Slinger Signaller

Total Compliance is a registered ALLMI centre offering both ALLMI Lorry Loader Training, and ALLMI Slinger Signaller Training to both experienced and novice lorry loader operators, and slinger signallers.

"The Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers (ALLMI) was founded in 1978 at the request of the Health and Safety Executive, and it remains today as the UK’s only Trade Association devoted exclusively to the lorry loader industry. It serves, represents and promotes the interests of its members and the industry at large, and it is the natural focus and authority on all issues involving the design, manufacture, application and use of lorry loaders."  (ALLMI Website)

Total Compliance ALLMI Lorry Loader training & Slinger Signaller training lengths, depend on experience and requirements:

  • ALLMI Novice Lorry Loader Training Course - 2 Day
  • ALLMI Experienced Lorry Loader Training Course - 1 Day
  • ALLMI Refresher Training Course - 1 Day
  • ALLMI Conversion Training Course - 2 Hour Course
  • ALLMI Slinger Signaller Novice Training Course - 2 Day
  • ALLMI Slinger Signaller Experienced Training Course - 1 Day

All of our ALLMI training courses are CPC accredited, which means they can be counted as 7 hours towards your periodic driver CPC training requirement.

Extra training days can be booked to help your employees get more training experience with Lorry Loaders and health and safety for example, working at height training, or we can provide training on a disc or in a booklet.

Courses can be booked for up to four people and we will do the training on site at your company premises, or we can provide a lorry loader for the training at our sites in Coalville and Retford.

We are listed on the ALLMI website as an authorised training provider.

For any information on our ALLMI Training Courses in the UK please contact us by clicking the button below, or alternatively contact Jonathan Scott directly on 0345 9001312 for more information.


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Anyone who operates, or intends to be operating a lorry mounted crane, sometime referred to as HIAB Training. The courses are made to suit novice operators, experienced operators, those refreshing their training, or for attachment conversions. The courses are designed to ensure the efficient and safe operation of equipment.

HIAB is really a brand name and the correct term for the equipment is ‘lorry crane’ or ‘lorry loader’ (when mounted to a commercial vehicle). Other manufacturers of these types of cranes include Atlas, Cormach, Fassi, HMF, Hyva, Palfinger, Penny Hydraulics and PM.

Which industries train with ALLMI?

The lorry loader crane courses and slinger signaller courses by ALLMI, cover a wide variety of hydraulic cranes, both manually and electronically operated. Candidates and businesses can select the attachments they will be using depending in their needs and equipment. They include:

  • Hook Category D1 + E
  • Hoist Category D2 + E
  • Special Attachment Category D3 + E
  • Clamshell Category D4 + E
  • Brick Grab Category D5 + E
  • Pallet Attachment Category D6 + E
  • Auger Category D7 + E
  • Roll-Loader Category F5 + E


The industries we have provided ALLMI training include:

  • Builders Merchants
  • Civils
  • Container Transport
  • Scaffolding
  • Plant Haulage

The following topics are covered during the ALLMI lorry loader training:

  • Legislation
  • introduction to the Loader Crane
  • Pre-operational Checks
  • Operator Maintenance
  • Lift Equipment / Attachments
  • Siting the Loader Crane
  • Deployment of Stabiliser Legs
  • Use of Controls
  • Preparing the Loader Crane for Use
  • Operating the Loader Crane
  • Stowing Procedures

Full course breakdown is available here:

Other Training Included?

In addition to the ALLMI courses, we may also cover additional topics if relevant to the candidates being trained, relating to transport, safe loading and some of the lifting equipment in use, including:

  • Shackles
  • Eyebolts
  • Webbing Slings
  • Chain Slings

What happens if the tests are not passed?

If any candidate is not successful in passing one or both parts of the course, a new course would have to be taken.

Lorry Loader Crane for Testing

All our instructors visit your site and use your lorry and crane which the candidates will be using on-going.

Do we get a certificate?

Yes, this course is certificated by Total Compliance if booked as a 7 hours CPC Course. ALLMI also register the driver on their database and when processed, we send you the candidates ALLMI Card and Certificate.

A temporary ALLMI Certificate is issued by the instructor at the end of the course which lasts up to 6 months to give time for ALLMI to administer the paperwork.


When you book with Total Compliance, we also send you a FREE Toolbox Talk relating to the safe loading and use of lorry loader cranes which is for the current year.

FREE reminders about lorry loader and slinger signaller renewal dates are also available.