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Here to help during the Coronavirus..

During these difficult times, referred to in various ways – Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic, lockdown and so on – we are all going through the same thing however in different ways. It is like we are all in the same boat however sailing different routes! Therefore we wanted to reach out to people, particularly those in…

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Operators who show complacency towards licensing

There are no circumstances when a company should put their commercial interests above that of compliance or health and safety. Time and time again we hear from operators that say they cannot do things that are essential because they need vehicles on the road, customer expectations and so on. It is not until something happens…

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How do commercial fleets measure up?

This is from the Traffic Commissioner publications and DVSA, and everything they send out is a good read so always wanting to share it. The more they share information, it makes all compliant operators appreciate that work is being done to stop non-compliant operators and make the roads and vehicles safer. DVSA examiners carry out…

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Commercial Vehicle Show

Are you attending the CV Show this year? We are in Birmingham this evening and ready to go! Even when you sometimes feel that business is so busy and you have lots to do, there is always time to meet people and build those crucial connections and learn. Make time as it is important to…

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What is a Smart Tachograph?

What ia a Smart Tachograph?  A question we have been asked about a number of times recently from drivers to operators to transport managers. From 25th June 2019 smart tachographs must be fitted to all new large Goods Vehicles sold in the UK.  Tachographs are fitted to some six million trucks and buses throughout the EU.…

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Driven to Distraction…Mobile Phones When Driving

There was such a good article released recently within one of the many publications that come to us on a weekly basis. We discuss the dangers of using mobile phones at the wheel with van drivers, HGV drivers and people within a work environment that we come into contact with regularly.  This is because we…

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Driver Banned Until 2020 by Traffic Commissioner

Another case has been published showing how the Traffic Commissioner is taking action against drivers that are abusive or aggressive towards DVSA staff to make a point that this will not be tolerated. We published a similar story last week and found another one to share with you where a driver had shown their volatile…

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Operator Licence Changes Online

We are Transport Managers in our core as that is where Total Compliance developed from. Today we have more companies that we are CPC Transport Managers for, and help companies get External Transport Managers, amongst many other things. Therefore the move into the digital age for Operator Licencing comes as a relief and overall great…

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