Training Reviews and How To Do Them?

As with most things, it is better to keep up to date with training records as you go, however an annual review is also essential.  

Sometimes things get missed or someone ends up not completing a course, even a change of role or duties may have happened.  All these change the plans and need to be reviewed.  

So what are our top tips?

1. Review the objectives of the training plan and ensure that they are still relevant and in line with the company’s current goals. 

2. Assess the content of the training plan and make sure that it is up-to-date and covers the necessary topics for the company’s current needs. 

3. Ensure that the mandatory training is still necessary and that it covers the latest regulations and best practices. 

4. Evaluate the development training and make sure that it is suitable for the current employees and that it will help them to develop the necessary skills for the company’s future. 

5. Analyse the cost of the training plan and ensure that it is within the company’s budget. 

6. Make sure that the training plan is flexible and can be adapted to the changing needs of the company. 

7. Consider the feedback from previous trainees and make necessary adjustments to the plan. 

8. Assess the time frame for the plan and ensure that it is achievable and realistic.

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