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Here to help during the Coronavirus..

During these difficult times, referred to in various ways – Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic, lockdown and so on – we are all going through the same thing however in different ways. It is like we are all in the same boat however sailing different routes! Therefore we wanted to reach out to people, particularly those in…

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Difference between Pelican, Puffin and Zebra Crossing?

Do you know the difference between the crossings? Experienced drivers still ask the question when we talk about crossings in trainings.  It has come up in Driver CPC and Transport Manager Refresher Courses. Information in the Highway Code gives this general information at all crossings: When using any type of crossing you should always check…

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Driven to Distraction…Mobile Phones When Driving

There was such a good article released recently within one of the many publications that come to us on a weekly basis. We discuss the dangers of using mobile phones at the wheel with van drivers, HGV drivers and people within a work environment that we come into contact with regularly.  This is because we…

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Mobile Phones When Driving

Whilst teaching Driver CPC we regularly advise drivers that driving whilst using a mobile phone is one of the most dangerous things they can do. Statistics often quoted within the media say that using a mobile phone at the wheel is 4 times more dangerous than drink driving. And yet we still see it everyday!…

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Professional & Vocational Drivers

Whenever delivering training we always try and give that bit more by advising on rules and legalities that can affect professional and vocational drivers. Many people that drive as part of their role do not see themselves as a professional driver when they actually are.  This is something that needs to be communicated by companies…

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Driver’s say the problem with cyclists….

Have you got a list of things that you bring up when it comes to cyclists and what you think about their actions. This week after Michelle did a course delivery for Van Smart and Safe Urban Driving, the drivers provided the cycle trainers with a list of issues with cyclists that we went through…

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The Start of a Good Maintenance System

Anyone holding an Operator Licence knows that the maintenance system has to be structured and robust. You need to plan your system and also ensure it keeps you compliant and so has to be effective in ensuring that your vehicles are in a roadworthy state at all times. To help you get your system right…

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