Training for Certifications, Contracts and Specific Roles

Training for certifications and contracts refers to courses and programs that help people prepare for certification and contract work. These courses provide comprehensive training on topics related to their industry. They may also include practical skills training and guidance on how to work in certain roles.

Courses we cover has grown over time due to demand and a natural progression, although it now feels like a huge range compared to where we started.  Here is a summary….

FORS – when we began as FORS Consultants, the delivery of the courses was a must to be able to give customers a full service.  

Today we deliver approved training for Safe Urban Driving (FORS Silver classroom theory and practical), FORS Lo-CITY (FORS Gold classroom course), group e-learning (FORS Bronze online Modular’s delivered to a group within a company), along with OLAT and Transport Manager Refresher courses certificated by the CILT.

FIAS – Security Awareness Training

Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) security awareness training is a mandatory training requirement for all personnel who work in the fertiliser industry in the UK. This training helps to ensure that workers are aware of the security risks associated with handling and storing fertiliser, and that they understand the importance of following the correct procedures for safe handling. The training covers topics such as the risks associated with unauthorized access to fertiliser, the safe handling and storage of fertiliser, the requirements for secure packaging, and the importance of safety signs, labels and warnings.

TASCC – HACCP Training 

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Training is a program designed to teach food service workers and other food production personnel how to identify and manage food safety hazards. It involves learning how to identify potential food safety hazards, how to implement controls to prevent or reduce them, and how to monitor and verify that the controls are effective. This training is required in most countries for anyone working in the food industry.

We now offer this training as an online module through our website.

HS2 – Urban and Rural Driver Training

HS2 urban and rural driving is a form of driving that takes place on roads in both urban and rural areas. It involves using techniques that are designed to help drivers navigate both types of roads safely and efficiently. These techniques include adapting to different types of traffic, responding to road signs and signals, and understanding the different speeds of vehicles.

ISO 39001 – Reducing Road Risk Training

Reducing road risk training for ISO 39001 is a training program designed to help organisations meet the requirements of the ISO 39001 standard. The program focuses on reducing road risk by teaching participants how to identify and address potential hazards and risks on the road, as well as how to implement effective road safety management systems. The program also covers topics such as distracted driving, alcohol and drug use, and the use of seat belts.

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