What Other Evidence is Needed for FORS?


This sets down the groundwork for all other levels of accreditation.  Auditors look at all Maintenance and overall operations in more detail.  Once the policies and procedures are in place, there needs to be evidence these are actually being carried out.  Below are some examples of information recent auditors have requested.

Evidenced during audit:

  • Last 2 Driving Licence Checks (pdf or hard copy licence summary from GOV website)
  • Working Time & Drivers hours records – both current and 2 years previous
  • Completed Induction Form for most recent new starters.
  • Toolbox Talk signoff.                                                             
  • Eyesight Checks                       
  • Training proof
  • PDI/First inspection for a vehicle                      
  • PMI’s/service history
  • Transport Manager/Responsible Person certificate
  • Walkaround checks defects and rectifications.


  • Evidence is uploaded electronically.
  • Fuel & Mileage for all vehicles to monitor emissions.
  • Collisions and Incidents register
  • Photos of safety equipment on vehicles
  • Completed Operational Performance Plan
  • Evidence of SUD Training & FORS Practitioner training
  • Noise communication


  • Evidence is uploaded electronically.
  • Workplace Travel Plan
  • Lower emission vehicle information
  • Sustainable Operations template

If you need any help with this, please get in touch with our FORS team through fors@totalcompliance.co.uk or call 0345 900 1312.

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