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Traffic Commissioner

5 Reasons Why You Should Get DVSA Earned Recognition

DVSA Earned Recognition (DVSA ER) is for operators but do you understand it, and do you know why you should get it for your business? Total Compliance has come up with our top 5 Reasons your operation would benefit from this industry accreditation. Exemplary Operator Status Your business is recognised by the enforcement authorities as…

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Fuel Efficient Driving

When we learn to drive we follow all the rules and drive in a way that fuel efficient and we think about safety.  However we all get into habits and unless they are pointed out to us, we usually keep doing them. Fuel efficient driving, defensive driving and reducing the company’s carbon footprint are topics…

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Operators who show complacency towards licensing

There are no circumstances when a company should put their commercial interests above that of compliance or health and safety. Time and time again we hear from operators that say they cannot do things that are essential because they need vehicles on the road, customer expectations and so on. It is not until something happens…

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What is a Smart Tachograph?

What ia a Smart Tachograph?  A question we have been asked about a number of times recently from drivers to operators to transport managers. From 25th June 2019 smart tachographs must be fitted to all new large Goods Vehicles sold in the UK.  Tachographs are fitted to some six million trucks and buses throughout the EU.…

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