What are the Requirements for Obtaining an Operator Licence?

Operator licence applications must meet a number of requirements which includes fitness to hold a licence, maintenance arrangements, control of drivers’s hours records and overloading, a suitable operating centre and financial standing.


Good repute means that applicants must advise the Traffic Commissioner about any notifiable offences committed by the relevant persons involved in the application.  This includes a director, vehicle operator, partner in the company, and anyone in a parent or subsidiary company.

Examples of offences include:

An offence relating to plating certificates and goods vehicle test certificates

An offence committed in relation to a goods vehicle relating to:

• The maintenance of vehicles in a fit and serviceable condition

• Limits of speeds and weight laden and unladen, and the loading of goods vehicles

• The licensing of drivers

Drivers’ hours and records offences, committed in relation to a goods vehicle.

An offence under section 173 or 174 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (forgery, false statements and withholding of information) committed in relation to an international road haulage permit within the meaning of that act.

Environmental offences in relation to pollution and waste disposal. 


Evidence of sufficient financial resources must submitted with all licence applications.

Since the exit from the EU, the figures are now set in Pounds Stirling as follows:

Standard National and International Operator Licences

£8000 for the first vehicle 

£4500 for each subsequent vehicle

Van only fleets

£1600 for the first van 

£800 for subsequent vans

Restricted Operator Licences

£3100 for the first vehicle

£1700 for subsequent vehicles 

Financial standing can be money in the bank, an available overdraft or some other way where the money can be accessed at short notice. 

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