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What are the Types of Licences for Goods Vehicles (LGV/HGV/Vans/Car & Trailer)? 

There are different types of operator licences depending on their use, an overview of these is below:

RESTRICTED Operator Licence 

Restricted licences are the type of licences which are commonly used by businesses which are within the scope of the rules, but not completely as their main activity is not transport.

Examples of restricted licence holders for HGV are:

Scaffolding companies

Waste management such as skip companies

Manufacturers of own goods

There is no limit to the number of vehicles which are operated under a HGV restricted licence.

Even though you do not need a formally appointed a CPC Transport Manager for a restricted license, you still need to adhere to the same levels of licence terms as a standard licence holder, and it is recommended that you get assistance with this, or have an annual compliance audit. 


The standard national license is where you get all the authorities of a restricted licence with the benefit of using your vehicles for hire and reward transport operations in the UK only. 

You must appoint a CPC qualified Transport Manager qualified in national operations and ensure you have enhanced financial standing levels above that required of a restricted licence.


The standard international license enables a company to all of the benefits of a restricted licence and also the ability to operate your vehicles for international hire and reward. You have to appoint a CPC qualified Transport Manager educated to international standards and you have to 

have the same levels of financial resources  as a standard international licence.

A standard international goods vehicle licence is also now needed to use vans or car and trailers over 2.5 tonnes to transport goods for hire or reward in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. 


An interim license is granted whilst a company is awaiting a full licence to be granted. This may be granted to allow a company to start trading in advance of a full grant as long as the traffic commissioner is satisfied with the operations and there is a good reason why the operator needs to start trading before a full grant of the licence.

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