Compliance is compliance if you have 1 vehicle or 1000 vehicles

Some operators seem to think that because they are a ‘small’ operator they can do things differently and this is not the case.

Every operator licence requires the same standard of compliance with the only exception being that a restricted licence does not need a CPC qualified Transport Manager.  However they do need a competent person to ensure that you have systems in place that work.

Each and every operator completed things in a different way – even those operators working in the same industry.

When it comes to compliance, even though there are different approaches, the basic requirements are the same. Whether you’re operating 1 vehicle or 1000 vehicles.

Companies that break the rules often find themselves at a public inquiry. And there’s only one approach that works with traffic commissioners and that is showing them things have improved.

How does it get to this?

Standards are key.  They come from the top however, the whole system falls down if drivers do not follow procedures as they are key to a great maintenance system working.

If you get stopped at the roadside by DVSA because something does not look right with the vehicle like lights, tyres, the load is not secure, or the driver is doing something wrong, they know that they need to look deeper into things and it all comes out when they start checking.

This often then leads to DVSA visiting an operating centre and they will be looking for non-compliance and checking records.  Examples of this include

  • MOT failures
  • Gaps in PMI’s
  • Defects re-occurring at PMIs
  • Looking at he authenticity of driver defect reports
  • Missing records

If you have done things wrong in the past, make a change to put things right before it can get out of hand.

How can you do this?

Have a compliance audit or overview and let an expert put things in place for you to move forwards and have a compliant operation.

Keep a compliance contract in place with an external provider like ourselves so you are checking that things are working as they should be and noting is being missed.  This can include ongoing over the phone advice and help.

Whatever your operations size, keeping compliant is key and anytime is a good time to ensure you are on the right track.  We are not here to judge, we are here to help.

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