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Do you need a DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor)…

ADR Regulations refer to the European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, rail and inland waterway.

Within the ADR Regulations there is a section specifically for ‘checks and other support measures to ensure compliance with safety requirements’, and gives information on requirements for a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor also commonly known as a DGSA.

The specifics require every organisation whose activities include the carriage of dangerous goods by road to appoint one or more DGSA’s.Ā  The activities include carriage by road and also include activities of loading and filling.

The reason for this is to ensure thatĀ carriage of dangerous goods and related activities are conducted in accordance with requirements and in the safest possible way.

Some companies have a full time DGSA on site, whilst others may use a freelance or external service like we offer at Total Compliance.Ā  Some companies even have a person on site and an external to ensure that they remain fully up to date and compliant with regulation updates and knowledge.

The DGSA will advise on, and ensure compliance with ADR requirements for:

  • Identification and classification of dangerous goods
  • Equipment used in connection with carriage and loading
  • Training of employees and maintenance of training records
  • Emergency procedures to be taken in the event of any accident or incident that may affect safety.

DGSAs are also responsible for preparing for management an annual report on relevant aspects of the carriage of dangerous goods by the organisation, and for ensuring that an accident report is prepared whenever an incident involving the carriage of dangerous goods affects people, property or the environment.

DGSAs have to be capable of performing their duties. They must undergo training, sit an examination and hold a vocational training certificate (valid for five years) to become a DGSA.

DGSAs may also become part of a trade association to assist with their continual professional development within the industry, as we are, being members of BADGP.

If you have any questions relating to ADR or DGSAs, please feel free to message through our contact page and we would be happy to help.

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