December Changes to Dangerous Goods Carriage – Are you ready? 

Every 2 years we get new ADR Regulations.  The purpose of updating the regulations is to consolidate technical changes and recommendations from all Nations who participate in the ADR Agreement.  This ensures that the regulations keep up with the times as there are constant changes to product types, and hazards and risks that need to be taken into account of. 

It is never possible to anticipate what changes will be coming in the next set of regulations but history dictates the changes are likely to be around the following 3 categories:

  1. PERSONNEL – every new set of regulations that comes out enhances the need for personnel to be further engaged with their roles in the carriage of dangerous goods. Dangerous goods awareness training and ADR training cover theses.
  1. PRODUCT TYPES – new products are created all the time and where a product can be recategorised to be an actual entry into the regulations, rather than a product which is simply not specified somewhere else, constantly adds to the list of UN numbers. A dangerous goods consultant or dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) can assist with this.
  1. ORGANISATIONAL & TECHNICAL – package and tank requirements will be updated to ensure that materials used and maximum volumes approved remain a safe option for carriage. In addition, businesses operational structures need to remain in-line and are continually improving to ensure the safe carriage of product as, this is something that is recognised by the authorities that needs to be constantly under review. Again a consultant or DGSA can advise on this in relation to your business.

We will make further announcements on the changes made to our DGSA customers when we get our new ADR regulations and the major changes are known.

If you need any assistance, please get in touch through dgsa@totalcompliance.co.uk or by contacting our main office on 0345 9001312. We are located Nationwide as have offices and training rooms in Grantham, Lincolnshire and Durham in the North East, as well as field based consultants in London and the West Midlands.

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