December Changes to Dangerous Goods Carriage РAre you ready? 


Every 2 years we get new ADR Regulations.  The purpose of updating the regulations is to consolidate technical changes and recommendations from all Nations who participate in the ADR Agreement.  This ensures that the regulations keep up with the times as there are constant changes to product types, and hazards and risks that need to be taken…

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What are High Consequence Dangerous Goods?

Official definitions normally sound like this‚Ķ High consequence dangerous goods are those which have the potential for misuse in a terrorist event and which may, as a result, produce serious consequences such as mass casualties, mass destruction or, particularly for Class 7, mass socio-economic disruption. Typically, from the work we have covered, this would include…

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What are the Categories of Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous Goods Categories and Signs

Do you know the categories of dangerous goods? Most people know a couple however, it is rare that people know all of them unless they work within a role that deals with the movement of dangerous goods. ADR splits dangerous goods into 9 different categories.¬†¬†The categories are directly related to the products dangerous qualities.¬†¬†It is…

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