Annual Reports – Dangerous Goods – What should be included?

Each year a company’s DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) should prepare an annual report for the company.

Whilst there is a requirement under ADR Regulations, to compile and annual report there is limited details or knowledge on what should actually be included.

The nature of companies engaged with dangerous goods as categorised by ADR are very varies and therefore it is difficult to give a hard and fast set of rules about what should or should not be included within the report.

Below is a list of what Total Compliance recommend through experience, of what should be invoiced, although this list is not exhausted:

  • Company Name and official details
  • DGSA details and date of appointment
  • Evidence of competency of the DGSA
  • Nature and scope of the business operations
  • Overall fleet size and proportion carrying dangerous goods
  • Total amount handled or transported by class number within the year
  • List of employees or participants by name and job title
  • Detailed ADR Qualifications or Awareness Training
  • Enforcement body actions
  • Compliance checks completed and details
  • Incidents and occurrences reviewed
  • Executive summary including follow up actions and improvements

Ensure you get your annual report completed and is on hand for any compliance checks or visits from the DVSA.

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