Our NEW Full Time DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) is nearly here!

For over 5 years we have been providing external DGSA services to a variety of customers and industries and due to this grow we have employed a full time DGSA to provide our customers with the level of support they need.

Our services are available for any business or person who is involved with the classified dangerous goods chain from manufacturers all the way through to end users.

Our new DGSA brings over 20 year experience of working with fast moving consumer goods industries including shipment of products on both heavy and light vehicles, warehousing and storage, as well as cross docking of dangerous goods shipments and transportation of items through the airfreight network under IATA Regulations.

This will compliment our DGSA provision which has had more of a focus on specialist operations such as manufacturing, carriage in trackers, and high consequence dangerous goods shipments.

The DGSA will also be supporting us with Dangerous Goods Awareness Training and ADR Training for current and new customers.

As of December 2022 even consignors who do not actually handle dangerous goods, need an appointed DGSA so if you need support from a DGSA or a free appraisal to see if your operation falls in scope of this, please get in touch.

Once our new DGSA is here we will do a full introduction.

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