What are High Consequence Dangerous Goods?

Official definitions normally sound like this…

High consequence dangerous goods are those which have the potential for misuse in a terrorist event and which may, as a result, produce serious consequences such as mass casualties, mass destruction or, particularly for Class 7, mass socio-economic disruption.

Typically, from the work we have covered, this would include explosives and other classes of dangerous goods which could be used as an explosive, however the full list of what is classified as high consequence is listed in ADR.

Due to the dangerous nature of certain dangerous goods, the ADR regulations require a higher degree of security planning and control, when dangerous goods carried could pose a major threat to the security and or safety of the country.

The Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) is a classic example of a scheme which was set up to ensure that the traceability of the product was robust as nitrogen based fertilisers, carried in bulk is one product type that can be used as an explosive if combined with fuel and a detonator.  As a result, this requires a detailed and managed security plan to be in place.

There is no hard and fast rule on shape Or details of the security plan,however, some crucial points to cover are people involved and their roles, security checks, documented processes and periodic tests of the plan to ensure it is robust and effective.

We can and have assisted many businesses with the FIAS scheme as well as initial and ongoing security plan production and management.

It is likely that if you want to carry fertiliser or indeed be involved with the carriage of fertiliser in any way you will need to get FIAS (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme) approval.

The following types of business can apply for approval: – 

Transport Companies


Blending Companies


The scheme ensures that the product is traced from first entry into the country or production right through to the end user.

If the fertiliser you are carrying is classed as Ammonium Nitrate based fertiliser according to ADR 2021 class 5.1 and you are carrying it in bulk, it classed as a High Consequence Dangerous Good and requires a formal security plan.

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