What is a Smart Tachograph?

What ia a Smart Tachograph?  A question we have been asked about a number of times recently from drivers to operators to transport managers.

From 25th June 2019 smart tachographs must be fitted to all new large Goods Vehicles sold in the UK. 

Tachographs are fitted to some six million trucks and buses throughout the EU.

This process began over 4 years ago and yet there seems to be very few people aware of what this is and how the changes work or will affect them.

The tachograph units being fitted to vehicles will enable enforcement vehicles with the Police and DVSA,  as they will be fitted with a Remote Early Detection Communication Reader (REDCR) which will be able to read data remotely from a passing digital tachograph.  It will no longer be necessary for vehicles to be stopped for their basic tachograph data to be read.

We have been talking about this on our Transport Manager Refresher Trainings and on Driver CPC trainings to raise awareness too.

We believe, although You cannot find written data to support this, that the REDCR will be able to pick up data covering the last 24 hours of speeding, and the last 28 days of infringements that are on the drivers tachograph card.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is now issuing generation two (smart) tachograph cards for all four card types – driver, company, control and workshop. Any card issued since 14 March 2019 is compliant with smart tachograph vehicle units and still compatible for use in existing vehicle units.

DVLA is working on an online service for driver tachograph cards, and we will keep everyone updated online through the Government website as they happen.

The introduction of smart tachograph is to try to eliminate the most serious forms of tampering or offence

If you need any help with the changes or general compliance within the industry, please send an email to info@totalcompliance.co.uk and we will be happy to help.


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