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Do the general public understand the importance of the transport and logistics industry?

It is officially the Christmas period leading into what we call the January sales and we all know that demand increases, and with demand we need more transportation.

Without transport how would everyone get all those presents they give away? How would they get their turkey, vegetables and delicious treats to arrive at the supermarkets?  How would they fuel their cars to get from A to B?

The answer is simple…they would not get any of it!

So why is there still a lack of understanding generally and why do we not promote transport and logistics in the education system?

Truck drivers are looked at in a negative way and yet who gets more training on the roads than any other type of driver, and the lack of understanding about this, as well as the difficulties surrounding the driving of a large goods vehicle are just not in the radar of many people.

We are not saying that every HGV driver is perfect as no one is, however, as we work with so many of them, along with car or motorcycle drivers, because there are lots of those too in the industry, HGV drivers do get blamed just because they are in a large vehicle.

They have blind spots and so cannot see other vehicles or road users frequently, as well as having more difficulty manoeuvring their vehicles and not being able to move over quickly on a road if fully loaded as they can not move as quick.

This is why there has been a change within the industry.  Camera’s and other telematics equipment has proved invaluable to the the professional driver to show their compliance and give support of their cause of being an extremely well trained road user and often they are not to blame for incidents that occur.

Has the long gone reputation of a trucker being a knight of the road disappeared along with the numerous hitch hikers that we used to see along the sides of the roads?

Truckers would stop and help people with flat tyres or who had broken down.  They would pick up and drop off hitch hikers and nothing would be wrong!

We think it is just a change in times and actually with the role of transport and logistics being part of everyones life, it is time to see some increase in awareness.  Why did KFC run out of chicken?  A fall down in logistics, and if there were more fall downs in logistics a lot would not get done, then people would not be happy as they could not get what they wanted, when they wanted it.

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