Driver Exiting Vehicle

Safe Access and Egress of Vehicles

Getting in and out of vehicles sounds like a fairly safe activity, however, many accidents occur with this simple task.   Drivers and / or passengers can fall from vehicles, causing serious injury.  And before you think that no one is allowed to take passengers in company vehicles, if there is a spare seat it needs covering in terms or health and safety, and what happens if a mechanic or driver assessor is sat in the seat at some point?

It is also not about today! It is often years down the line of jumping out of vehicles that causes the long term damage to knees and other joints.

Here are some tips for drivers and passengers to avoid accidents when accessing and egressing vehicles:

• Ensure that vehicles are parked on firm and even ground

• Be aware of surroundings when getting in and out of the vehicle

• Ensure that you’re wearing the appropriate PPE, non-slip safety boots with ankle support

• Inspect the grab rails to ensure they are clean and secure

• NEVER jump down from the vehicle cab

• ALWAYS use 3 points of contact

The picture in this post was used as an example of how not to get out of the vehicle!

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