Safe Access and Egress of Vehicles

Driver Exiting Vehicle

Getting in and out of vehicles sounds like a fairly safe activity, however, many accidents occur with this simple task. Ā  Drivers and / or passengers can fall from vehicles, causing serious injury. Ā And before you think that no one is allowed to take passengers in company vehicles, if there is a spare seat it…

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Traffic Systems On-Site for Health and Safety Compliance


It is important to ensure that everyone on site is aware of the traffic routes for both vehicles and pedestrians, and speed limits on site.Ā Ā Each year several workers are killed and many more suffer serious injury as a result of accidents involving vehicles on sites.Ā  The law states that ā€œcompanies must organise a construction site…

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Health and Safety and theĀ Importance of Pre-Use Vehicle Checks

Driver Checks

Health and safety when it comes to transport isnā€™t just about what happens in the operating centre, it is about what happens in any business to ensure that people and property are protected. The primary legislation for this area of law is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and this should be at…

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