Health and Safety – Spillages

Whilst carrying out deliveries or refuelling vehicles it is possible that spillages of chemicals or fuels will occur. Obviously, the best way to deal with a spillage is to avoid having one in the first place! ¬† Ensure that there are procedures in place for the correct storage, transferring, handling, using and disposing of chemicals…

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Health and Safety – Coupling and Uncoupling

Coupling and uncoupling of trailers is a task that can go very wrong, very quickly, therefore only trained competent drivers should carry out this task, even with formal qualifications. Ensure that the vehicle is parked on suitable, level hardstanding ground and that the vehicle and trailer must be in a safe secure condition and daily defects checks must be carried out prior to…

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Safe Access and Egress of Vehicles

Driver Exiting Vehicle

Getting in and out of vehicles sounds like a fairly safe activity, however, many accidents occur with this simple task. ¬† Drivers and / or passengers can fall from vehicles, causing serious injury. ¬†And before you think that no one is allowed to take passengers in company vehicles, if there is a spare seat it…

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Traffic Systems On-Site for Health and Safety Compliance


It is important to ensure that everyone on site is aware of the traffic routes for both vehicles and pedestrians, and speed limits on site.¬†¬†Each year several workers are killed and many more suffer serious injury as a result of accidents involving vehicles on sites.¬† The law states that ‚Äúcompanies must organise a construction site…

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Housekeeping and Lighting in Depots – Health and Safety


Every year there are accidents or incidents that are caused by a lack of lighting and poor housekeeping and again most of these are avoidable.  LIGHTING – What Do You Need to Consider? When setting up your site, or making changes, consider the layout of your building, loading bays and parking areas.  Pay particular attention to…

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