Having the paperwork is great but ensuring it is happening is more important!

Do you have lots of policies and procedures in place for your transport operations?

These documents are great and show that you are working hard to get things in place for your operator licence in general, or for a voluntary accreditation like FORS or DVSA Earned Recognition.

We know it is tempting to buy a policy pack or copy another one, because it seems like a quick fix, but what if you miss something or if it just does not cut it and fails you in other ways.

What if you have a policy for reversing vehicles from whichever source you picked.  Is this specific to your site? If there was an incident would it cover you? Does it make sense to the staff it is being given to as it is generic rather than specific?

More importantly, if something went seriously wrong, and you had done this, how would you live with this and how would other staff respond to it?

We know that sometimes these things never happen, but they can and if they did would you kick yourself?

When we visit operators to do a compliance audit or to help them get an industry accreditation for FORS Bronze, FORS Silver, FORS Gold, CLOCS, DVSA Earned Recognition or another, we look for authenticity and honesty.

Being true to yourself, your company and your staff by not only being specific when it comes to your paperwork, but also understanding it and following it through, is so crucial.

Think about the consequences.  Would they be worth it?

If you need any specific help or specific training, please feel free to contact us at info@totalcompliance.co.uk or using the contact page on our website www.totalcompliance.co.uk

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