Being a Great Driver CPC Trainer…

Is it possible to be a great driver CPC trainer?  We think so!

This is all based on our opinion though, and through feedback from drivers where we have been delivering the training!  That is Class 1 drivers, Class 2 drivers and other vehicle drivers sitting on courses.

The best comment recently was ‘I have sat on CPC course have and always fallen asleep, but today you have got my attention and made it enjoyable!’.

We have been making notes of all the feedback and asking what makes a good CPC trainer, even when the course content can be repetitive and consist of lots of things the professional driver already knows.  This is what we have found and please be aware this is only our own findings and from drivers that have sat in front of us for training.

  1. Personality – this was all about being laid-back but professional and approachable.  Drivers like to have banter and giving enough to allow this and treating people with respect goes a long way.
  2. Experience – hands on experience of being a Class 1 driver and hands on experience through being External Transport Managers for different companies gives great stories and puts things into real life experience that can be related to.
  3. Interaction – valuing opinions and groups working together to discuss and feedback
  4. Knowledge – gained over time through working in the industry as well as doing continual development that relates to the courses being delivered.  The added extra knowledge that is up to date, or not what everyone has heard before, keeps interest high.
  5. Questions – always ask questions and as it gets the best out of people.  You want to know about them and their input and thinking.

If you have any other feedback, please let us know as we want to keep ahead of the game and not fall into the negative training trap that can happen.  There is no need to be talking at people with no interaction.  Let’s keep the industry up to date by making a difference with the training all professional drivers have to do.

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