Operator Licence Changes Online

We are Transport Managers in our core as that is where Total Compliance developed from.

Today we have more companies that we are CPC Transport Managers for, and help companies get External Transport Managers, amongst many other things.

Therefore the move into the digital age for Operator Licencing comes as a relief and overall great help to ourselves, and I am sure many other people too.

It was a great move in the right direction when vehicle operator licencing changed so that we could make vehicle changes and apply for variations online, along with changing Transport Managers.

Then in 2016, the traffic commissioners set a target for operators to be able to complete all major licence transactions digitally by April this year.

Now, with the introduction of digital surrenders, it’s possible to do every major licence transaction, from start to finish, all through the online government website.

Like every other vehicle operator licence process, the necessary checks and balances have been built in with digital surrenders.

All the changes have been supported by DVSA Digital Services & Technology, who have worked hard to ensure you can apply for, change, manage and ask to give up your operator’s licence, without any paperwork at all. All online!

Let’s keep processes moving to online and save everyone time and money.

If you are applying for an operator licence or need any help with any aspect of your operator licence, please email us at info@totalcompliance.co.uk

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