How do commercial fleets measure up?

This is from the Traffic Commissioner publications and DVSA, and everything they send out is a good read so always wanting to share it.

The more they share information, it makes all compliant operators appreciate that work is being done to stop non-compliant operators and make the roads and vehicles safer.

DVSA examiners carry out checks on vehicles and operators every single day.

Their work keeps our roads safe.

And they also provide evidence for traffic commissioners to take action against licence holders – those who are running dangerously unsafe vehicles or letting drivers work far too many hours.

DVSA recently published the latest statistics about its enforcement work. We’ve had a look at the data to see what it says about the state of commercial fleets.

HGVs & trailers

  HGV Trailer
Mechanical prohibition rate 24.75% 25.85%
Drivers’ hours prohibition rate 4.25%
Overload prohibition rate 36.90%
Category 1 defects 14.9% 18.9%
Category 2 defects 32.0% 29.5%
Band 4 offences 25.2%
Band 5 offences 6.7%
Unsatisfactory maintenance visits 71.50%

Category 1 & 2 and band 4 & 5 are the most serious

Top 5 prohibition defects

HGV: Brake systems and components, condition of tyres, service brake operation, direction indicators and hazard warning lamps and steering mechanism.

Trailers: Brake systems and components (notably higher than all other items at 9.7%), suspension, condition of tyres, spray.

Top 5 prosecuted offences

Drivers’ hours, tacho/records, overloading, driver licence and construction & use.

If an operator needs help to get things in place and make an operation compliant before they end up in front of the Traffic Commissioner, then ask for help.  Having someone look at your operation and help you put everything in place is easier for those that do it everyday.  We know there is a cost involved, however, without your operator licence you have no business.

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