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All the things we hear about FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) can make it all seem so complicated, stressful and expensive unnecessarily, and actually it is not.

Now we have the new version 5 out and there seems to be a number of changes that have to be done so operators/members comply.

It is important to remember that it is a culture promoting safety and compliance, and so it not a tick box or buy into scheme, however this does not make it hard to achieve.

We have seen it from both sides.  Assisting operators get their accreditation and finding them the most economical way, but effective way of doing it.  Often companies want help with FORS and getting FORS helps their business, so they ask us to come and assist them as they have not got the time or current knowledge to be able to do it.

Sometimes operators have already got FORS Bronze or FORS Silver and they would like help to get to the next level, or they have FORS Bronze, FORS Silver or FORS Gold and want help with updating to the current standard or to have a pre-audit check.

Operators want to get FORS or other industry accreditations to gain more business and show their high standards to others.  This is a great thing as long as it is done in the right way.

Then from the other side where an operator has paid a fortune to have someone help them get the FORS accreditation and in reality, they have not done a great job of it.  This can then lead to the operator not passing the accreditation audits and not understanding all the FORS requirements, however there is good and bad in all industries.

Our reputation is key and we have to ensure that we do the best at all times whilst providing a service that stands out from the crowd and provides an operator with value at the same time.

Our team consists of FORS Practitioners and a FORS Auditor.

Do you need help with any aspect of FORS? If so please email us on or use our contact page.



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