What is FORS?….It stands for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme


Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a highly regarded accreditation program for fleet operators to show their commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. The program sets minimum standards for fuel efficiency, vehicle safety, emissions, and operational practices and is open to operators of vans, lorries, and minibuses, as well as organisations that award contracts…

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Fuel Efficient Driving

When we learn to drive we follow all the rules and drive in a way that fuel efficient and we think about safety.  However we all get into habits and unless they are pointed out to us, we usually keep doing them. Fuel efficient driving, defensive driving and reducing the company’s carbon footprint are topics…

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Driver’s say the problem with cyclists….

Have you got a list of things that you bring up when it comes to cyclists and what you think about their actions. This week after Michelle did a course delivery for Van Smart and Safe Urban Driving, the drivers provided the cycle trainers with a list of issues with cyclists that we went through…

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