Bronze, Silver & Gold
FORS Accreditation Consultancy
in Merseyside

As transport compliance experts, Total Compliance can help your Merseyside business achieve FORS accreditation.

If you need a FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Consultant in Merseyside, to help you achieve FORS Bronze, Silver or Gold Accreditation, we can help.

FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme for fleet operators, which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, by recognising efficient and safe vehicle operators. Many Merseyside companies now insist that fleet operators have FORS in order to carry out work for them in commercial vehicles.


Why Use Total Compliance's FORS Consultancy Services in Merseyside? 

The Merseyside Total Compliance team, is passionate about transport and are always up to date with the very latest technologies, legislation and training, so you can be sure your business will always receive the very best advice and expertise.

Our Merseyside FORS Consultants are all qualified FORS Practitioners, and one of our lead trainers, Michelle, works for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport to deliver training on their behalf.

With years of experience in helping companies achieve a wide range of accreditations like FORS across Merseyside, Total Compliance are your one stop shop for transport training, compliance and manager support.


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As transport compliance experts, Total Compliance have been helping hauliers, logistics companies and transport operators in Merseyside achieve bronze, silver and gold FORS accreditation for years.

Our trainer Michelle, regularly travels up and down the M62 and M57, visting operators in Liverpool, St Helens, Bootle & Birkenhead, assisting them with their FORS accreditation.

Our Clients in Merseyside Include:

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Help With FORS Accreditation in Merseyside

Do you need help getting FORS accreditation in Merseyside?

We offer different packages to suit fleet size, level of assistance required and budget.  These packages can include some or all of the following:

  • 1 hour online consultation or in person, onsite visit
  • Policy Documents Pack Only Option
  • Individual Policy Pack - written specifically for your business
  • Half Day or Full Day Consultation to prepare a plan for implementation
  • Full Project Managed Accreditation - organise everything for you to work towards and achieve the Bronze accreditation, the Silver accreditation or Gold level of accreditation
  • FORS Pre-audit to ensure you get through your main audit
  • FORS Training which is also accredited as Driver CPC Training

We also offer FORS Practitioner status training in Merseyside or can act as a FORS Practitioner on your behalf.


Michelle Scott - FORS Accreditation Consultant in Merseyside

Our Merseyside FORS consultant is Michelle Scott.

Michelle is a director of Total Compliance and has years of experience working as a director of a nationwide distribution business employing over 70 drivers, before starting Total Compliance with her husband, Jonathan.

Michelle is a qualified FORS Practitioner and she works for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport to deliver training on their behalf.

What are the benefits of FORS accreditation for my Merseyside transport business?

FORS is useful for Merseyside hauliers and transport operators who wish to:

    • Improve road safety
    • Reduce the incidence of fines and other charges
    • Reduce fuel emissions and enhance fuel efficiency
    • Gain greater industry intelligence and networking opportunities
    • Stand out from the crowd
Can I get FORS accredited for just some of my vehicles in Merseyside?

FORS accreditation can be for a specific operating centre, but it must be for ALL of the vehicles at that specific operating centre.

How can a Merseyside operator progress from Bronze to Silver and Gold?

For an operator to achieve Silver or Gold accreditation, they must maintain their Bronze accreditation and submit evidence to support their Silver or Gold application, using the FORS evidencing system.

What is classed as an operating centre in Merseyside?

FORS define an operating centre as a site or depot that commercial vehicles operate from, where there is infrastructure that supports daily management, control and day to day operational deployment of a fleet of vehicles.

The FORS definition is not the same as the definition according to Operator Licensing.

What are the requirements for using the FORS logo in Merseyside?

If you want to display the FORS logo, you must use the version which incorporates your FORS ID number and your Bronze, Silver or Gold status.

How often do I have to renew my FORS Silver accreditation in Merseyside?

FORS Silver accreditation must be renewed each year.

How often do I have to renew my FORS Gold accreditation in Merseyside?

FORS Gold accreditation must be renewed each year, as well as maintaining your Silver requirements each year.