Key Personnel Involved in Operator Licensing

A big misconception regarding operator licensing is that it only involves a transport manager and drivers.  This is not the case, and there has been more emphasis put on training the transport team to keep compliant, including planners, administration staff, workshop staff and anyone involved in the transport in a company.  

Why? Because it is essential for a business to understand about transport, the importance, the rules and regulations, and why we do what we do to stay compliant.  With knowledge and understanding about potential consequences if certain tasks are not carried out, brings a team together which work on compliance as a whole.  

OLAT (Operator Compliance Awareness Training) courses are run for anyone who is working in transport but not as a manager or driver.  Although we do run an OLAT course for drivers through driver CPC, as there is often a lack of understanding about operator licensing as a whole.

It is also important to remember the the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) may have limited jurisdiction over vehicles on public roads, however, they do inspect and enforce the law in depots, factories, construction sites and other off-road premises. Breaches of health and safety law incur both criminal and civil liability. If you have a health and safety consultant, ensure they are trained and knowledge when it comes to transport as they are often not.

So who else is involved in the transport planning, organisation, supervision and management:

Directors and Business Owners

Transport Managers – internal or external

Support Staff – administrators, planners

Drivers – agency and employed, escort drivers

Operating centre staff – loaders, shunters

Garage – mechanics, apprentices 

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