Highway Code Mobile Phone Rules

The Highway Code – Update on Mobile Phone Use Rules

As of 25th March 2022, rules in The Highway Code are coming into force to make any hand-held use of a mobile phone while driving illegal, except in limited circumstances.

The changes were supported by 80% of respondents in a public consultation in 2021 and mean you must not use a device in your hand for any reason, whether online or offline.

The new rules apply in all of the following situations:

  • If you are supervising a learner driver
  • If you are stopped at traffic lights
  • If you are queuing in traffic
  • If you are driving a car that turns the engine off when you stop moving
  • If you are holding and using a device that’s offline or in flight mode

There are a small number of exceptions, such as if you need to call 999 or 112 in an emergency or making a contactless payment in a vehicle that is not moving, such as at a toll crossing.

You can find the full rules on using a phone, sat nav or another device when driving on GOV.UK

Drivers should ensure that they keep up to date with current Highway Code rules. The full version of The Highway Code can be viewed free of charge here on GOV.UK.

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