Health and Safety and theĀ Importance of Pre-Use Vehicle Checks

Driver Checks

Health and safety when it comes to transport isnā€™t just about what happens in the operating centre, it is about what happens in any business to ensure that people and property are protected. The primary legislation for this area of law is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and this should be at…

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Main Differences Between Goods Vehicle (LGV / HGV) and Passenger Licensing (PSV / PCV)

Bus Service

OPERATOR LICENCES The differences in the licences are that there are 4 options with passenger carrying licences, whereas there are only 3 for road transport. PSV / PCV licences also have the ā€˜special restricted licenceā€™ in addition to restricted, standard national and standard international. Special restricted licences are a specific licence type which allows a…

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Operator Licence Applications & Issuing


In 2018 the application process went digital and the use of the online system called VOL (Vehicle Operator Licensing) became more pivotal to management of any operator licence.   So what is needed to gain an operator license? This is something we do to help people each day to walk them through the process, and…

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