Operator Compliance Guide 2023

The purpose of our Operator Compliance Guide 2023 is to clarify the requirements for operators regarding Operator Licensing, Vehicles, and Drivers. It also aims to provide guidance on how to ensure safety and legal compliance to the regulations set forth by the DVSA and Traffic Commissioner.

It is important to recognise the requirement of effectively managing your operator licence compliance, and to understand the potential repercussions and consequences that may arise if this obligation is neglected.

Our Operator Compliance Guide 2023 provides a clear understanding of the following operator requirements with respect to Operator Licensing, Vehicles and Drivers:

  • Record Keeping
  • Driver Training
  • Keeping Up To Date
  • Safety Checks
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Drivers Hours and Working Times
  • Emissions and Charges
  • Vehicle markings
  • Communication and Updates

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