Traffic Lights

OCRS – Operator Compliance Risk Score

The OCRS score, is sometimes referred to as “the traffic light system”, is to identify roadworthiness and traffic enforcement for each operator licence.

The roadworthiness score usually relates to events which are known about in advance, such as first vehicle test or annual vehicle tests (MOT), but may also include roadside inspections or inspections at an operating centre.

The traffic enforcement is events generated when vehicles are stopped at the roadside and checked.  Points maybe issued to the operator if the vehicle or driver is found to be non-compliant, and this may include ADR breeches, vehicle overloading, drivers hours and tachograph offences.

Each OCRS score is based on the data from the events and tests and a baseline score is calculated, with more serious defects or infringements gaining greater points.

The colour bands are as follows:

Grey – no history in the last 3 years (normally new operators)

Red – events registered against the operator could indicate a high risk

Amber – events registered against the operator and could indicate medium risk

Green – low number of events which could indicate a low risk

Blue – DVSA Earned Recognition Operators

We always recommend that operators check their OCRS score each month on the Government website (a login is needed for the first time), it shows awareness and ensures nothing is slipping through your systems, or to ensure that no events have been logged on your account which did not relate to you.

It is important to remember that the OCRS score is recalculated each week for a rolling 3 year period and so it can change.

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