ADR Training in Merseyside

ADR Training & Certification in Merseyside

ADR Training is required by UK law for all drivers that carry dangerous goods by road. Our ADR training courses in Merseyside cover both initial training and refresher training to keep your drivers compliant.

UK law requires drivers carrying dangerous goods by road to undergo ADR training to ensure the safe transportation of these goods. Total Compliance is a nationwide transport training and compliance expert, and is an approved ADR training provider with a team of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA).

If your business in Merseyside is involved in the operation of vehicles carrying tanks, certain tank components, and certain dangerous goods in packages, the drivers must attend an ADR training course approved by the Department for Transport and hold a valid ADR Vocational Training Licence issued by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

Our Merseyside team is passionate about transport and has extensive knowledge and experience of the transport and logistics industries. We provide approved ADR Training and certification in Merseyside to keep drivers that carry dangerous goods by road compliant with UK legislation.


Total Compliance is an expert in transport training and compliance and approved ADR training provider in Merseyside. We provide external ADR Training for transport businesses carrying dangerous goods in Merseyside.

Our ADR Training Courses in Merseyside cover the four modules required by drivers that transport dangerous goods.

  • The first is what is known as the ā€˜coreā€™ module, and is required by all drivers that carry dangerous goods (this includes some emergency first aid and fire extinguisher use)
  • The second element is the class modules. Drivers/companies can choose which ADR classes they want to be certified for and these range from one to nine and can be all nine or just one depending on the driverā€™s role or goods carried
  • The third element is the ā€˜packagesā€™ module, which is required by all drivers that carry dangerous goods in packages which are in scope of ADR regulations
  • The fourth element is ā€˜tanksā€™ and this is for those who drive tankers carrying dangerous substances

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As transport industry experts, Total Compliance has several years' experience providing ADR Training to HGV drivers within dangerous goods transport operations in Merseyside.

Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors (DGSA) regularly travel up and down the M62 and M57, visiting customers in Liverpool, St Helens and Newton to provide approved ADR training. They work alongside businesses to teach the skills required for driver compliance to legislation relating to the safe management of dangerous goods shipments.

How Does ADR Training from Total Compliance Help Your Business in Merseyside?

ADR Training courses ensure your drivers comply with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations 2009 and safeĀ transportation within your fleet.

ADR Training Courses in Merseyside

Our Merseyside ADR Training ensures that drivers carrying dangerous goods can do so safely and that they are equipped with the following:

  • An awareness of the hazards in the carriage of dangerous goods
  • The steps they can take in order to reduce the likelihood of an incident from occurring
  • The measures required to protect their own safety and that of the public and the environment, in the event that an incident does occur
  • Individual practical experience of any actions they will need to take

If you would like more information on our ADR Training or would like to book an ADR Training course in Merseyside, please click the button below or call us on 0345 9001312.