Our Bridge Strike Awareness Training in Lincoln

A bridge strike is an incident where a vehicle or its load/equipment, collides with a bridge. More often than not, bridge strikes occur where a road runs beneath a railway bridge. 

Statistics published by Network Rail, tell us that on average, 5 bridge strikes involving large goods or passenger vehicles, occur each day in the UK. Bridge strikes are not only dangerous, but they can also be very costly for both operators and drivers alike. We offer bridge strike awareness training in Lincolnshire to assist professional drivers in preventing bridge strikes.

If an operator's vehicle is involved in a bridge strike, they will usually have to attend a hearing before the Traffic Commissioner and they will face regulatory action against their Operator’s Licence. The operator will also be liable for any cost incurred as a result of the bridge strike. These can include:

  • Costs relating to surveying the bridge for damage
  • The cost of repairing the damaged bridge
  • The cost of freeing/recovering your vehicle and its load
  • Compensation for delays/cancellations of train services caused by the bridge strike

The driver responsible, may also be called to a hearing, which could result in their vocational entitlement being revoked and a 6 month disqualification being issued. In some cases, especially where it results in the loss of life or serious injury, the driver may also be criminally prosecuted and face jail time.

What Does Our Bridge Strike Awareness Training in Lincoln Cover?

The course covers the following topics:

  • Overview of the issue of bridge strikes
  • What causes bridge strikes to happen?
  • What are the consequences of a bridge strike?
  • Signage & the importance of proper route planning
  • Bridge strikes and the Traffic Commissioner
  • What should you do in the event of a bridge strike?
  • How can bridge strikes be prevented?
  • Questions and discussion

This training takes 3.5hrs and can be competed either online or in-house on your premises in Lincoln. It can also be part of a CPC course for driver's periodic training.

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