Help with FORS in South Yorkshire

How We Help Fleet Operators Achieve FORS Accreditations

The team at Total Compliance work with fleet operators around the country to help businesses achieve either their first FORS accreditation, or to help them move from Bronze or Silver to Gold. Our FORS consultancy service assesses your needs and works with you throughout every step of the audit preparation process, helping you to achieve a first-time pass.

With years of experience in the transport and compliance industry, our team of consultants offer hands on guidance in the latest legislation and training to help you achieve your Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation.

Initial Preparation  

Upon submitting an enquiry for FORS assistance, our team arranges an introduction via phone call or online meeting to establish your needs. This initial introduction identifies the type of accreditation you are looking to achieve (Gold, Silver, or Bronze), and allows us to begin to prepare the resources that will help you along your FORS accreditation journey.

By preparing a FORS compliant fleet list and managing a FORS Training Matrix, our team are then able to identify manager and driver training requirements.

During this process, we also review existing or produce new policies, procedures and risk assessments for your business, whilst offering over the phone advice and explanations of the requirements for FORS standards.

Templates and Tools

The next step in achieving your FORS accreditation is to ensure that all relevant documents (induction documents, health declarations etc.) meet the FORS Version 6 standard. To ensure this is the case, our team creates FORS compliant paperwork templates, including a Policies and Procedures manual and a Driver’s Handbook.

Alongside these resources, we also provide a range of Toolbox Talks with FORS guidance, and monthly updates for your team.

Attending the Audit

Our pre-audit call ensures that all information is prepared and ready, and relevant procedures and guidelines are in place preceding your audit.

We also attend the audit to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We guarantee a first time pass based on the work we do (not including factors outside of our control like maintenance records or training not completed). Gaining your FORS accreditation has never been easier, with our experienced team completing around 90% of the preparation for you and guiding you through the audit in-person.


Online Submission - Silver & Gold Accreditations

Applying for Silver and Gold FORS accreditations means submitting evidence of FORS standard procedures. Total Compliance helps you prepare for the audit, creating additional policies, and booking training for the drivers and managers (training costs are separate). Our pre-audit process for online submission is the same, ensuring that all the right evidence is in place for you to pass your audit. We will then carry out and submit the audit.

For FORS Gold submissions, we will prepare case studies, surveys, and supporting documentation as required for Gold standard.

Ongoing Guidance

As part of our FORS consultancy, Total Compliance provides monthly email updates with TBT and industry news alongside ongoing over-the-phone advice. Our experts can also organise training for your managers and drivers, and provide training recommendations and advice to help you reach your training goals.

Total Compliance is an industry specialist offering a range of services to the transport and construction sectors, including the provision of training and advisory solutions on a consultancy basis. From Transport Compliance Auditing  and FORS, CLOCS and CHAS accreditation to ALLMI, OLAT and Forklift training, we’ve got you covered! For more information about our training, compliance and accreditation services, get in touch today by calling 0345 9001312, emailing or completing our contact form.