DVSA Earned Recognition Consultancy
in Derbyshire

As transport compliance experts, Total Compliance can help your Derbyshire business achieve DVSA earned recognition.

If you’re looking for a competitive edge over other hauliers in Derbyshire, or would simply like to reduce the inconvenience and disruption caused by DVSA inspections and roadside checks, the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme is ideal for your business.

Based in Lincolnshire and operating across the UK, Total Compliance are specialists in transport compliance and accreditation. Through the preparation of internal policies, procedures and systems, the provision of an audit report that you can submit to DVSA for approval, and ongoing compliance advice and services, Total Compliance can help you reach this gold standard.


What Does Total Compliance's Earned Recognition Consultancy in Derbyshire include? 

Total Compliance can help your operation achieve the DVSA Earned Recognition standard through providing the following:

    • Preparation of policies, procedures and systems
    • Demonstrating an approved DVSA IT supplier system
    • Providing you with an audit report that is submitted to
      DVSA for approval
    • Providing ongoing compliance advice and services if and
      when required



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As transport compliance experts, Total Compliance have been helping hauliers, logistics companies and transport operators in Derbyshire achieve the gold standard for years.

Our trainer Michelle, regularly travels up and down the A6 and A515, visting customers in Derby, Chesterfield and Swadlincote, to assist them with their Earned Recognition compliance.

Our Clients in Derbyshire Include:

Knights of Old
Help With Earned Recognition in Derbyshire

What is DVSA Earned Recognition in Derbyshire?

DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Earned Recognition is a voluntary scheme designed to enable vehicle operators in Derbyshire and across the UK, to prove that their organisation meets driver and vehicle standards.

DVSA earned recognition operators regularly share performance information with the DVSA in the form of a monthly report.

DVSA Earned Recognition in Derbyshire

What are the Benefits of DVSA Earned Recognition for Operators in Derbyshire?

By joining the scheme and gaining earned recognition status, the DVSA know that an operator is safe and compliant. In turn, this means that their vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections and checks.

It is also a way for an operator to show that they are an exemplary operator, when bidding for contracts. This is shown by being able to display the DVSA Earned Recognition Marque on your website and other publicity materials.


Michelle Scott - Earned Recognition Consultant in Derbyshire

Our Derbyshire DVSA Earned Recognition consultant is Michelle Scott.

Michelle is a director of Total Compliance and has years of experience working as a director of a nationwide distribution business employing over 70 drivers, before starting Total Compliance with her husband, Jonathan.


Why was DVSA Earned Recognition Introduced in Derbyshire?

Roadside checks cost operators both time and money, and the DVSA want to avoid targeting safe and responsible operators unnecessarily. For this reason, the earned recognition scheme was created by DVSA.

This means that the DVSA are better able to target inspections and disruptive roadside checks. In turn this helps them to stop dangerous operators and drivers putting others at risk.

How does DVSA Earned Recognition Work in Derbyshire?

As an earned recognition operator in Derbyshire, you need to have IT systems in place to monitor vehicle maintenance and drivers' hours and to check that you are meeting a set of DVSA earned recognition KPIs (key performance indicators). These KPIs are in line with Operator Licence requirements. This means that the earned recognition standard is not difficult to achieve if you are compliant.

For more information you can download the DVSA earned recognition scheme guide.