What is Torque Wrench Training?

Our Torque Wrench Training is a specialised program designed to equip drivers with the skills and knowledge required to safely and efficiently retorque wheel nuts. With this training, drivers can confidently ensure that vehicle wheels are always securely fastened.

Who is it for?

This training is specifically tailored for drivers who have the responsibility of periodically checking wheel nuts and performing retorques, especially after a wheel change. It is essential for individuals who prioritise safety and seek to maintain the integrity of wheel fastenings.

Course Highlights:

- Focus on safe and efficient retorquing techniques
- Ensuring wheels are correctly secured to the vehicle
- Designed for drivers who perform periodic torque checks
- Emphasis on post-wheel change retorques

Course Requirements:

To attend this course, delegates must meet the following criteria:

- Physically fit and able to operate an industrial torque wrench
- Prior experience in wheel maintenance is beneficial but not mandatory

Industry Regulations That Are Covered In This Training: 

  • PPE

Benefits of Torque Wrench Training:

By completing our Torque Wrench Training, drivers will gain the following advantages:

- Enhanced safety measures in wheel fastening procedures
- Improved understanding of torque requirements and techniques
- Minimised risk of wheel detachment incidents
- Compliance with industry regulations and best practices
- Increased confidence and competence in torque wrench operation

Why Choose Us?

- Expert instructors with extensive industry experience
- Practical training sessions for hands-on learning
- Customized training to meet specific organizational needs
- Focus on safety, efficiency, and best practices
- Comprehensive course materials and resources
- Certification upon successful completion


Secure Your Wheels with Confidence:

Ensure the safety and security of your wheels by providing your drivers with our Torque Wrench Training.

Contact us today to discuss your training requirements and schedule a session that suits your organisation's needs.

Together, let's maintain the highest standards of wheel fastening integrity and keep your vehicles on the road with confidence.